Get in shape with the Alex Morgan Diet Program

The Alex Morgan Vegan diet is the secret to helping the American female player have a hot body and outstanding performance on the field.

Alex Morgan has been the American football team’s number one forward since 2011. Despite turning 32 years old, this female forward is still in top form while playing for the San Diego Wave club and its soccer team national team.

Morgan is not only impressed with her talent on the field, but is always among the sexiest female players in the world. The secret to maintaining the admirable physique of the captain of the USA team lies in the vegan diet.

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Alex Morgan’s diet

Morgan has been a vegetarian since 2017 because of her love for animals and the benefits this diet brings to the athlete’s body. “I think it’s unfair to have a dog and eat meat all the time,” Morgan said. “I started eating more plants, gave up meat, then stopped eating dairy products. The doctor said my blood cholesterol was cut in half, which is crazy.”

The American striker usually starts the morning with a glass of water and coffee, which is rich in antioxidants and promotes effective digestion.

Here is the menu for one day of Miss USA:

Breakfast: Banana oats, blueberries, cinnamon powder, and some maple syrup for sweetness.

Lunch: A large salad with walnuts, pecans, beets or a serving of rice with tofu and vegetables.

Dinner: Morgan loves Mexican food, so dinner is usually a burrito or taco with black beans and rice. He also likes to eat Fajitas with salsa and avocado.

Snacks: Energy ball made from nut butter, oats, some chocolate chips and grated coconut.

Also, Morgan added a variety of fruits, oats, sweet potatoes, and green vegetables to the menu. These anti-inflammatory foods help female players improve training performance and recover faster.

Avocado toast is a familiar dish before every game of Morgan’s, providing enough energy to stay active on the field for 90 minutes. When not exercising, she drinks fruit smoothies and yogurt.

“I was afraid that this diet would negatively affect my gaming, but the reality is the opposite. I feel better than ever,” said Morgan.

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Stop looking at other people’s plates

The female striker, born in 1989, said that when she first started her career, she often looked at the diets of the athletes around her and thought that was what she needed to put into her body.

She also constantly compares her body with her teammates and opponents, even during the match. “If you don’t fit a certain mold, you feel like you’re being scrutinized,” says Morgan.

Being a vegetarian, Miss USA understands that everyone’s body and diet is different: “A vegetarian diet works for me but not for other players. That’s why I feel better when I see different types of food on my teammates’ plates, and I know that each person’s body and nutritional needs are different. “

According to Alex Morgan, trying to fit into someone else’s body will only make your diet less healthy. Learning to befriend your own body and understanding what it needs is the key to nurturing it properly.


Soccer star Alex Morgan focuses on her plant

U.S. soccer legend Alex Morgan needs to give close consideration to how she fills her body, yet that doesn’t mean she denies herself when she’s off the field.

The previous Olympian and World Cup winner drilled down into her generally veggie lover diet and the snacks she loves to impart to her two-year-old little girl, Charlie, during a meeting with Hurray Life’s new food series, Deglazed.

Morgan, who plays for the San Diego Wave FC in the Public Ladies’ Soccer Association (NWSL), will in general keep a low-carb diet with an emphasis on protein and green, however that all changes on game day.

‘Planning for a soccer match is unique,’ she made sense of. ‘It’s significantly more carb-forward than offset with protein and greens.’

Nonetheless, when she’s the one in the kitchen, she gets a kick out of the chance to adhere to simple to-plan feasts like mix frys and grain bowls.

The competitor, who is a minister for the nourishment brand Orgain, is passing down her solid propensities to her little girl, Charlie, who is as of now a major enthusiast of edamame.

The baby additionally cherishes foods grown from the ground however much her mother does. At the point when they’re not eating berries and bananas together, they like to nibble on different chips, including cauliflower and lentil assortments.

‘Uncle Vortex’s vegetarian treats are, great too,’ Morgan added, ‘however [we eat] those with some restraint.’

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