Gerard Pique is in a relationship with Ferran Torres’ sister

Pique, who cheated on Shakira, was seen with her teammate’s sister this time. The long-standing love affair between Gerard Pique and Shakira had ended after allegations of infidelity. Scandalous allegations were made during the separation process of the world-famous couple. It was claimed that Gerard Pique’s teammate Gavi was with his mother, but these allegations remained unanswered. The Spanish football player was spotted with the sister of another teammate from Barcelona.

Pique, who cheated on Shakira, was photographed this time with her teammate’s sister

Gerard pique is in a relationship with ferran torres sister 2 gmspors

Barcelona’s star player Gerard Pique cheated on world-famous singer Shakira and the couple decided to leave. Gerard Pique was spotted with the sister of his teammate Ferran Torres after breaking up with the famous singer.

Barcelona’s successful defender Gerard Pique continues to be on the agenda with his private life.

Pique, who lived with Shakira for many years, cheated on the famous singer and then decided to break up.

The question came to the fore whether Pique, who appeared together with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti in his company Kosmos, started this relationship with Shakira or after the breakup.

Gerard pique is in a relationship with ferran torres sister 1 gmspors

This time, Pique attracted attention by being seen with the sister of teammate Ferran Torres.

The woman next to the star football player, whose photos were taken at a festival in Girona, turned out to be Ferran Torres’ sister Clara Torres.

Allegedly, while Gerard Pique was having an affair with the mother of 17-year-old teammate Gavi, Shakira was caught red-handed and their relationship ended.

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