Gerard Pique I’m free now and I explain everything

Gerard Pique retired with Barcelona: “I didn’t fuck anybody’s mom!”

The Spanish defender, who hung his cleats, denied the allegations about him.

WHAT HAPPENED? Pique was ejected from the game with a red card for protesting the decisions taken by the referee of his last match, Jesus Gil Manzano.

The referee’s match report was that Pique made a malicious speech and hurled curses around him.

The 35-year-old actress, however, insists that this is not the case.

Gerard pique i'm free now and i explain everything

Speaking to Ibai Llanos on Twitch about the controversial ending of his career at Camp Nou, Pique said:

“I’ve been doing interviews since I was 17. Now I’m free and I can explain everything. I didn’t fuck anyone’s mother.

“I’ll explain how it happened and I realize this is topical. At halftime, the referee made some very bad decisions against us.

“Robert’s first yellow is not a yellow, no corner, then his foul on Marcos Alonso… Those were terrible decisions.

“The ball doesn’t even pass anyone in the position where he gives a corner.

“We went into the tunnel and told him he always hurt us. Just because of that he showed me a red card.

“I’m surprised he threw me for this. They send me in at the slightest thing, I didn’t say anything.

“They let you talk to them in the Premier League. My friends who went into the locker room after being expelled were also very angry.

“There was someone in there saying, ‘Fuck the fucking referee’s mom…’

Pique added that Manzano edited the match report to make himself look worse: “Whatever the report says, I’ve already been dismissed, they don’t send me for it.

“They kicked me out just because I said, ‘You’re the same as always.’ Even though I’m retired, they did it because they wanted to take me away for six or eight games.”

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Pique, who played for Spain 102 times, was part of the team that won the World Cup and the European Championship.

After making 616 appearances for the club, he decided to retire at Barça and in his distinguished careers, he has won eight La Liga titles and three Champions League victories.

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