Gerard Pique and Shakira’s chaos is on the agenda

After the breakup, the waters do not settle between Shakira and her ex-girlfriend Gerard Piqué. Shakira is in the spotlight for putting a large witch figure on her balcony overlooking her ex-mother-in-law’s house.

This has been taken by many as an act of revenge.

The couple has not commented on the incident, but Shakira has had to defend herself against accusations of vengeful behavior. She posted a statement on her Instagram account saying that the figure is part of a Halloween decoration and that it is not meant as a symbol of any kind. She also emphasized that she respects her ex-partner and his family.

The incident has sparked a debate about whether it is appropriate to take such actions in the aftermath of a breakup. Some people have argued that the figure is a harmless sign of Halloween fun, while others have suggested that it could have been seen as a malicious act. It is clear that the couple’s breakup is still an emotionally charged situation, and it will take time for the waters to settle.

Gerard pique and shakiras chaos is on the agenda 2 gmspors

Shakira, who ended her 11-year relationship with her football player lover Gerard Piqué last year when she learned that she was cheated on, has been on the agenda for a while with her song references.

Shakira, who continued to live side by side with Piqué’s mother after the separation, used the phrases in her song, “You left me in debt with my mother-in-law, the press at my door and the government / You thought you hurt me, but you made me a stronger person”.

Spanish journalist Marc Leirado Millan shared on Twitter that he learned that Shakira had placed a witch on Piqué’s balcony overlooking her mother’s house.

Stating that he heard this information from a fan of Shakira, Millan stated that he went to the house in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to confirm this. “There was indeed a life-size black witch with a white beard on the balcony,” the journalist tweeted. Millan also shared a picture of the witch, which has since been removed from the balcony.

The claim has not been verified by either Shakira or Piqué, and it is unclear why the singer would have placed a witch on the balcony of her partner’s home.

Gerard Provoke Derides Shakira By Driving a Twingo And Wearing A Casio

Gerard pique and shakiras chaos is on the agenda 1 gmspors

“You exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo, you exchanged a Rolex for a Casio.” That is the thing Shakira said in her most recent delivered tune. On the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea yet, these are verses from a diss track pointed towards Shakira’s ex Gerard Provoke that set web-based entertainment ablaze these last days.

The vast majority were stunned by the brutality of the verses towards Arouse yet in addition his new sweetheart Clara Chía Marti. Be that as it may, who realized this was, in actuality, the start of perhaps quite possibly of the greatest conflict/battles throughout the entire existence of virtual entertainment? Indeed, soccer fans knew, on the grounds that Gerard Arouse is known for being quite possibly of the greatest “savages” of the game. Be that as it may, this has gone to another level at this point.

As you can find in this video, it seems as though Gerard Provoke took in exactly the same words “You Exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo” and chose to show up at one of the main rounds of the year, Barcelona Versus Genuine Madrid, with a great little Twingo at the arena.

What’s considerably more entertaining is, assuming you look carefully, the face that he makes when he escapes the vehicle. Until the end, you don’t have the foggiest idea about It’s him inside, and when he takes off and takes a gander at the cameras recording him, he has a gigantic grin, knowing impeccably what he has recently finished. It was undeniably arranged, and after everything that was expressed about him in these verses, it was the ideal opportunity for him to answer at long last.

As said initially, Gerard is a genuine savage of web-based entertainment, and a ton of images were made out of him, the most popular remaining parts “Se Queda” when Neymar was leaving the Barcelona soccer group for the PSG soccer group. In any case, that is not all, he did another thing to incite his ex a couple of hours before that.

Provoke signs an agreement with Casio

Better believe it, you read the title well, it’s anything but a joke. In the event that you didn’t have any idea, alongside other renowned decorations like Ibai, Gerard Provoke is the proprietor of the Lord’s Association, a futsal soccer title where groups are made of just 7 players. What’s more, obviously, for any soccer group, you really want supports. Furthermore, learn to expect the unexpected. He got another one, and It’s Casio!

Casio and Gerard Provoke have combined efforts to advance the Ruler’s Association and the game of futsal overall. As a component of the understanding, Provoke will be the worldwide substance of Casio’s futsal crusade and the organization will be the authority backer of the Ruler’s Association.

This is an incredible arrangement for Casio and Provoke, as it will assist the Lord’s Association with earning more respect and notoriety and will assist Casio with contacting a bigger crowd. With Provoke’s impact, the Ruler’s Association and futsal overall will be all the more broadly acknowledged and celebrated. The organization will likewise assist Casio with showing its obligation to supporting games and competitors, which is something the organization has forever been enthusiastic about.

The understanding among Provoke and Casio is a mutual benefit for the two players, and will most likely be gainful for the game of futsal over the long haul.

While wearing a Casio and showing it during the live stream, he pronounces that he just marked an organization with Casio for the Lord’s Association and that he’s exceptionally glad for it. He then, at that point, adds that Casio “is a phenomenal watch, Casio is forever” prior to getting up and giving a shiny new Casio to each chap on the live stream.

What’s more, obviously, this will warm up again the relationship with Shakira and every one individuals around him, that are generally against his choices finally. Fortunately, he can in any case depend on Sergio Aguero, the previous Argentine soccer player, who was on the live stream with him. Aguero, who is likewise essential for the Lords Association project, was inquired as to why Casio chose to support the title, and he replied “in view of Shakira’s melody”, causing comicalness on the set.

The response of the brands

Obviously, a portion of the brands have addressed Shakira’s verses. What’s more, of course, the ones which chose to impart were not Ferrari or Rolex, which are celebrated in the tune, however the French vehicle brand Renault and the Japanese watch brand Casio. For Casio, we know as of now what occurred, they marked an organization with Provoke for his soccer title.

Likewise, a satire account opened on Twitter and made individuals think it was truly Casio who was paying all due respects to Shakira. Obviously, it was exposed, despite the fact that, as you can find in the accompanying tweet, the jokes are comical.

Renault, then again, decided to make a video, which was posted on their Twitter account and furthermore on Youtube. The video, as may be obvious, is a montage of the melody and some exemplary Renault vehicles. The subtitle was “When Shakira sings about vehicles, Renault replies”.

This joint effort is a genuine illustration of how brands can answer a mainstream society peculiarity, in an entertaining and imaginative way.

This is an extraordinary illustration of how brands can use mainstream society to build their perceivability, and furthermore the way in which they can utilize the force of music to contact a more extensive crowd. It likewise demonstrates the way that brands can be imaginative and amusing in their reactions to mainstream society, which can assist fabricate associations with buyers.

In any case, one brand that dealt with genuine is Renault, with a little hint of humor and a reference to one of its most renowned tunes of Shakira.

This has been tweeted on each Renault account everywhere, including Columbia, where the artist is from. Do you have any idea what this implies? Renault sides with Shakira while Casio sides with Provoke. We might have another conflict approaching between these brands, and with the mix of the conflict among Shakira and Provoke, this could be quite possibly of the best diversion the Web, and especially Twitter, has never known. A story to be proceeded, without a doubt.

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