Geisy Arruda recently made a shocking confession

Geisy Arruda recently made a shocking confession about her voluptuous sex life that shocked people by admitting that she loves the ‘sex scent’. Confused, she made the revelation on a podcast.

‘I had sex with eight men in one session – I like to push myself when I swing’

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The influencer often delights her fans with her sassy pictures and OnlyFans content.

A powerhouse left fans gobsmacked after she admitted she once engaged in sexual relations with eight men in an uncouth frolic.

Geisy Arruda, from Sao Paulo State, Brazil, is known by a huge number of individuals across the world.

The shocker, who has 4.6 million Instagram supporters, as of late stunned fans subsequent to admitting she once engaged in sexual relations with eight men in a solitary meeting during a new meeting on the digital recording 4TalkCast.

The influencer often delights fans with her saucy pictures and onlyfans content

The 33-year-old left the web recording has surprised when she said the occasion occurred at a pleasure seekers’ home, and that she had enough “openings” to keep everybody cheerful.

Also, she added: “I have two additional hands, so I can deal with no less than five.

“While we’re swinging, we generally propel ourselves.”

Geisy – who came out this year as sexually unbiased – recently talked about the things that turn her on during a visit with webcast Venus.

At that point, she said: “I like fragrant individuals. I love the smell of sex, however the individual needs to smell pleasant.

“In the event that I will kiss a lady’s neck, I need to smell fragrance. I need to smell a cologne.”

As well as having a major presence on Instagram, Geisy is likewise on OnlyFans, where her grown-up satisfied is found.

Up until this point she has previously piled up 112,900 “likes” on the stage, and she trusts her following will keep on developing.

Geisy has likewise delivered a book called “Don’t Extinguish My Fire: Ignite With Me”, in which she records the strange solicitations she has gotten from fans, for example, having “sex in a Uber”.

In an overview completed by Brazilian pleasure seekers’ site Sexlog in 2020, 7.1% of respondents said they had proactively partaken in a gangbang, while 18.7% said they needed to participate in one after the Coronavirus immunization carry out.

Sex advisors educate growing members to be vigilant concerning the gamble of STIs or of the potential for sexual maltreatment.

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