Future technology trend: Transhumanism in brief

The sentences that started with the “development of technology” have recently become an expression we are used to seeing at the beginning of the articles. With the development of technology or the spread of social media, nowadays, both the academy and humanity are the most frequently asked questions about what their consequences will bring in the future and they want to get their answers.

What Transhumanism Brings

The increasing use of its usage, which continues to increase day by day, will be more and more adapted to our lives in the future. Artificial intelligence, starting with computer and phone and now entering our lives like “Alexa”, continues to take place in our lives increasingly as a meaning and value of our life. Well, part of the question of what will be the role of these artificial intelligence, which we can now wear physically, in our lives in the future, also includes the flow of transhumanism.

Transhumanism, as it can be deduced from its logo, is defined as Turkish people as people plus (+). Humans continued to evolve throughout the evolutionary process, and after some point in evolution, humanity must reach a higher level, which is the existence of immortality. Transhumanism is a philosophical trend that conceptually, “with developing technologies”, people live longer, develop their capacity and create a human. Another definition is a radical change of human biology.

According to the British evolutionist biologist and internationalist Julian Huxley’s book “New Bottles For Wine”, “If one wishes, he can go beyond himself, and the individual can surpass himself as an individual in his own integrity. It is necessary to name this belief. ‘Transhumanism’ can be used to define this belief: It is the concept of adapting and transcending itself to new possibilities. ‘I believe in transhumanism’. When the number of people believing in this concept is sufficient, unlike us, the human species will be on the verge of a new existence, it will consciously fulfill its own destiny. ”


1957 The Idea of ​​Transhumanism

He believed that transhumanism would come true, but added that human values ​​would remain. Even if the technological stage reached today shows that defending the same idea as to whether human values ​​will increase or decrease, it is time and technology development.

While transgenderism cannot identify a single movement or ideas, some transhumanists are organized in H + (Humanity Plus), a non-profit organization that popularizes transhumanist ideas. The current head of H + is Natasha Vita-More. The organization, the World Transfumanist Association (WTA) and the Extropy Institute, also emerged, advocating the same idea. Extropy Institute was founded in the early 1990s by Max More and Tom Morrow. Both have published a transhumanist idea magazine called Extropy since 1988.

Is Technology the Last for Humanity?

After the Rapid Development of Technology, Many Theories Have Begun To Be Revealed. New diseases and problems started to emerge, especially with a lot of convenience after developing technology.

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