From Mia Khalifa to Bella Thorne, Onlyfans’ Top 5 Earnings Celebrities

From Mia Khalifa to Bella Thorne, Here’s Just a List of Top 5 Fan Celebrities. We have to mention that Mia Khalifa is the most remarkable name in Onlyfans.

Video-sharing social media OnlyFans has rescinded its intent to ban p*rn*graphic content, which was scheduled to take place from next October. This information was communicated directly by OnlyFans via the official Twitter social media @OnlyFans on August 25, 2021.

As a paid platform, OnlyFans offers its subscribers a wide variety of content exclusively including pornographic. That’s why many creators earn high income after sharing their exclusive videos on this channel.

The creators of OnlyFans are dominated by celebrities with huge fan bases. Here are five high-earning creators on OnlyFans, citing a variety of sources.

Blac Chyna

This model from the United States, which opened the page, was able to earn US$ 20 million or Rp 280 billion (at the exchange rate of Rp 14 thousand) each month. US$ 19.99 or Rp for its subscribers to be able to enjoy exclusive photos and videos from her. Have to spend 280,000. Currently, the owner’s full name is Angelina Renee White’s followers on OnlyFans has reached 16.2 million.

Bella thorne

This actor and singer from Florida, USA earns US$11 million or Rp 154 ​​billion per month from OnlyFans. earns as much. Earlier, $1 million or Rp 14 billion within 24 hours when first joined. managed to win.

If you want to subscribe to Bella’s exclusive content, subscribers have to spend up to $9.99 per month. Now her followers have reached 24.3 million.

Cardi B

This popular rapper from New York, USA ranks third on OnlyFans as the highest paid content creator. Quoting, Cardi B manages to earn $9 million or Rp 126 billion per month from her 81.7 million followers.

Subscribers pay $4.99 or Rp 69k per month to enjoy Cardi B’s exclusive daily content.


Dikenal sebagai artis hip hop, Tyga merupakan konten creator OnlyFans dengan pendapatan yang tidak main-main. Dilansir dari laman, dirinya menghasilkan lebih dari US$ 7 juta atau Rp 98 miliar per bulannya dengan followers mencapai 21.8 juta.

Dengan membayar US$ 20 atau Rp 280 ribu pengguna sudah dapat menikmati konten aktivitas sehari-hari hingga foto Tyga secara ekklusif.

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa became a few artists who finally decided to open an OnlyFans account. She was previously known as an adult film actress.

Mia Khalifa’s revenue from this site exceeds $6 million or Rp 84 billion per month. Starting at, users have to pay up to $11.9 USD or Rp 166,000 per month to enjoy exclusive Mia Khalifa content. The number of followers of OnlyFans Mia Khalifa has now reached 22.7 million.

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