French officials extend betting-fixing investigation at the French Open

French officials take betting-fixing investigation at the French Open to the next level

The betting match investigation at the French Open, one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments, is being expanded. French officials stated that they have requested reports of the bets made on the matches from the licensing companies to which the betting companies are affiliated.

The matches in the 2020 France Open match-fixing investigation, which are held regularly in May-June every year but started in October due to the pandemic process, are increasing!

The prosecution recently opened an investigation for suspicion of match-fixing for the women’s doubles 1st round Andreea Mitu / Patricia Maria vs. Tig-Yana Sizikova / Madison Brengle match. The French officials, who followed the phone records and traces of the current encounters, announced that they reached different evidence during these investigations.


Looking at the statistics, French officials underlined that the examinations will also be made by covering the past in the 2020 French Open Tennis Tournament, which is on the way to become one of the tournaments where the favorites fall back and have the most matches. We requested the reports of the bets and betting options received from the licensing companies for these matches. ”The authorities emphasized that they also started a study to determine whether the athletes took bets on these matches.

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