Francia James drives naked ‘Everybody’s Surprised’

OnlyFans star Francia James had her body painted and started driving naked, sharing those moments on social media.

The Playboy model is driving down the highway wearing only body paint behind the wheel and having a very fun time.

OnlyFans star Francia James shocked drivers to see her wearing nothing but Spider-Man body paint behind the wheel in a video that has now gone viral on Instagram.

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Francia James is shaking her boobs like crazy

Francia James shakes her boobs like crazy and tells her fans she wants a superpower.

The adult movie actor, who has millions of fans, also shared an eventful content on social media.

She’s naked and has only put on a few paints and is shaking her boobs like crazy in the video.

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Francia James is an adult content producer with 11.3 million fans on Instagram. She talked about gaining a Superpower in her latest video.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

A Playboy model has left drivers dazed after she shot herself driving in only Bug Man body paint for her Instagram.

Francia James, 32, was seen in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, shaking her bosoms as she flaunted her “bug goods” abilities in the most recent of her recordings caricaturing the Wonder legend Bug Man.

In the video, which has acquired than 333,000 preferences, the OnlyFans star exposed everything as she was seen driving down a parkway in the US, passing by trucks and different vehicles with her body painted in a scanty variant of the comic book character’s red and blue suit.

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Francia shouted: “This traffic is insane. I might need to take my superpowers on. Vamos Insect Man!”

She then started making quieting clamors to copy the web shooters as she shook her boobs around prior to blasting out giggling at herself.

Her supporters found the clasp clever as they overflowed the remarks with praises in the wake of being dazed by her jokes.

One client stated: “Save me spiderbootyyy.”

One more added: “Vamos Insect girl!!!!!”

A third remarked: “I need to fly for see you my bug young lady.”

A fourth said: “Your bug lady recordings are awesome!!”

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Notwithstanding, this isn’t the initial time Francia James has pleased her fans by showing up as the superhuman as a stunning video she posted last year showed her walking around a retail outlet wearing only a strap and the notorious body paint.

Aventura Shopping center, a top of the line retail outlet in Miami and the third biggest in the US, was loaded up with morning customers when the model skipped around in her stuff.

She figured out how to slip into the structure by wearing a huge coat, which fortunately didn’t smear any of her body paint prior to taking off her coat and exhibiting the perplexing work of art done by Miami-based craftsman @bodyartbyChristina.

Be that as it may, Francia’s absence of clothing absolutely didn’t be ignored by encompassing customers in the shopping center.

She said: “Individuals were a little in shock. Luckily, I was not captured!”

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