Franci James undressed and painted her body and captivated fans

Social media phenomenon Franci James is stripping naked and painting her body! She said, “My fans love it” and I love being sexy for them.

Francia James, known as Francety on social media, said that her fans showed great interest in her posts with body paint. Stating that her shares of body paint, in which she portrays animated movie characters and superheroes, attract attention, James often shares his brave poses with her 11 million followers.

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32-year-old social media phenomenon Francia James had shared her public transportation vehicles with her underwear and measured the reactions of people recently.

In addition to her underwear posts, she also publishes content where she transforms into superheroes and animated characters with only body paint. Stating that her fans show great interest in designs made from body paint, James said, “I like to make my videos with the character I created. My fans love it.”

James, who shared a content in 2021 in which she painted her entire body as a tin soldier, completely naked, managed to become popular in a short time. Walking around the mall completely naked like a tin soldier, James got angry and was fired by the security guards.

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Stating that she will continue to share her body paints despite social reactions and negative criticism, James said, “I like to appeal to costumed fantasies. It brings out both our child and our sexy side.”

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