Francesco Totti reveals his wife’s betrayal

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AS Roma’s legendary football player, Francesco Totti, explained in detail to Corriere della Sera why their marriage with his wife of 20 years, Ilary Blasi, ended and his new lover, Noemi.

Totti says the beginning of the end is in September. He intensely suspects that Ilary is currently having an extramarital affair. He’s doing something he’s never done in 20 years of marriage and checking Ilary’s phone. The most classic way to discover betrayal works. Totti finds messages from Alessia, Ilary’s hairdresser. He doesn’t know why Ilary and Alessia needed something weird other than a hairdresser to see each other. Ilary realizes that hairdresser Alessia is not really hairdresser Alessia.

This is how Totti explained the betrayal: I suffered like a dog

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Football player Francesco Totti talked to his ex-wife Ilary Blasi about their separation. The legendary football player first claimed that his wife had cheated on him and said, “I suffered like a dog to protect my children and not to spoil my family.”

A flash claim was made about the ending marriage of Francesco Totti, the legendary name of Italian football, and TV presenter Ilary Blasi, with whom he has been together for 20 years.
Announcing that they ended their marriage with a statement on July 13, the couple officially divorced. The Italian press wrote that this separation was a story of deception behind the scenes.

Francesco Totti spoke to Corriere della Sera about the separation.

Francesco Totti said, “I wasn’t the first to betray. In September last year, rumors reached me that there was more than one person in Ilary’s life, but it seemed impossible to me. When I got a warning from people I trusted, I looked at her phone and saw those messages.

One of the people Ilary had an affair with was from a very different world, I won’t mention her name. It was a shock. It’s not just that Ilary has someone else; but to be interested in such a man…

Totti: I suffered a lot

After seeing those messages, I threw everything inside me. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my friend Vito Scala, who has been with me since I was 11 years old. I’m not one to condone this, but I chose to ignore it. In order not to spoil my family, to protect the children… I suffered like a dog.

Ilary told me, This year I’ll be staying a little longer in Milan, going to Rome less, and I believed it too…I hoped the rumors weren’t true. Then I learned the truth and it made me depressed. I couldn’t sleep anymore.


At first I couldn’t tell the truth either to him or to his children; because I was still hoping to save everything… But then I asked Ilary about this man. He denied it at first. Then he realized that I knew and told me that they only met with that man for a coffee.”

Totti Sees Inappropriate Messages On His Wife’s Phone

A flash claim has been made about the marriage of Italian football legend Francesco Totti and TV presenter Ilary Blasi, who has been together for 20 years.

It was alleged that Rome legend Totti divorced Blasi after his wife, whom he had suspected for a while, found inappropriate messages on his phone with his personal trainer, Cristiano Iovino. It is stated that the turning point that ended the marriage between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi was Cristiano Iovino.

According to Corriere’s claim; Francesco Totti, 45, was disturbed by the fact that his wife, 41, Ilary Blasi, who spends 15 days a month working in Milan, often spends time with Cristiano Iovino.

Later, Totti decided to end this relationship with the messages he found on his mobile phone. While the news of this betrayal in Italy was on the agenda, no statement was made from the parties on the subject.

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