Former US goalkeeper Tim Howard’s girlfriend, Nora Segura, is on the agenda with hot photos

“I’m just showing my hair,” said Tim Howard Segura, former US goalkeeper, and shared a topless pose. Nora Segur’s nude photos shared from her Instagram account instantly brought her to the center of attention.

Nora Segura Instagram Nude Photo

Nora Segura, a former US goalkeeper Tim Howard, shared a topless pose on her personal Instagram account saying, “I’m just showing my hair.” This post of Segura received thousands of likes in a short time.

Nora Segura, lover of former US goalkeeper Tim Howard, who also wore the uniform of British giant Manchester United for a while, became the agenda with her latest post on social media.

The beautiful model, who shared her topless pose, dropped the note “What is it? I’m showing my natural hair” under her obscene photo. Segura’s latest post attracted great attention from his followers. Thousands of likes and comments came to the photo in a short time.

Standing out with her bold posts, Nora Segura shared her transparent dress pose before on her social media account. The Spanish model is known as the “Selfie Queen” in America.

Nora Segura: Being naked gives strength

Nora Segura became the agenda after her nude photo shared from her social media account. The hot female model continues to gain followers rapidly in social media. Especially on reddit, she was among the women whose photos were shared the most.

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