Former Single Adela Smajic prepares for new crush

Adela Smajic recently responded to a fan question on Instagram regarding her single relationship status. Then, Tuesday evening surprise : Appears in your story at a romantic picnic under the starry sky. She then broadcasts the excerpt “The heart knows when the call is over”, and “17. 07 » and a red heart emoji.

After a long celibacy, the 29-year-old gave up her heart. She doesn’t want to reveal who the new man next to her is.

“It’s still pretty fresh and I want to slow down first,” explains the 29-year-old at 20 minutes. Right now she wants to keep everything very private. “I will not hide from the public that I am happy when the time comes,” Adela promises. The man next to her will most likely not be seen on her social media profiles. “I want to respect the privacy of my loved ones.”

“Communication is one of the most important things”

After participating in the bachelorette show, the winner was with Cem. However, their relationship did not last long. The couple broke up just three weeks after the 2018 finale, via a Whatsapp message that sent him on vacation to Bali. Since then, Adela has been single.

However, the 29-year-old actress has always enjoyed her single life, as she highlights on her Instagram, and is entering into a more experienced and conscious partnership. She learned one important thing from her previous relationships: “If they don’t both have the same pace and the same desires in life, it won’t work. Communication is one of the most important things to define it,” explains Smajic.

But her new partner has to share the bed, the sofa and Adela’s heart. A few weeks ago, Adela found the love of her life in her four-legged friend Felix.

Adela Smajic suffers from severe separation pains

Adela and Felix broke up for the first time three days later. A drama for the former Single. Adela tells us why heartbreak is worse than any love illness.

Adela Smajic (29) has every reason to be happy. The 29-year-old actress spends the weekend in Belgrade with a few friends. The women’s group traveled to Serbia to celebrate a friend who is about to get married. “As always in Belgrade, it’s great here,” former Bachelor tells

On their Instagram stories, we see the group singing, dancing, eating and having fun. Everything is perfect. Or not? “I miss Felix so much,” Adela says. Anyone who thinks that next to the Basel TV presenter has a new partner, is mistaken. Felix is ​​a sweet Australian Mini Labradoodle who has been a part of Adela’s life since April 23.

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