Former NFL player Zac Stacy claimed his girlfriend was ON STAGE

Former NFL player Zac Stacy allegedly appeared with beating his ex-girlfriend in front of their baby (Video).

Former NFL player Zac Stacy claimed that the video of his girlfriend brutally beating him for asking for money was STAJED.

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Previous NFL running back Zac Stacy hardheartedly went after his ex and mom of their kid, hitting her directly upside the head and whipping her with a TV and a household item, pictures that were caught on record.

The aggravation happened last Saturday around 2 p.m. in Florida, at the home of Stacy’s ex, 30, as per TMZ.

I beseeched him to stop on the grounds that the child was on the lounge chair only a couple of feet from where he punched me

Everything began when Stacy responded savagely during a contention with his ex, tossing two or three punches to the lady’s face, who fell on a sofa, right close to where their five-month-old child was sitting.

Right away, the previous NFL player got her by the arm and ruthlessly tossed her against a television. The television fell on the lady, who was lying on the floor harming from the blows and asking Stacy to quiet down.

At the point when it appeared to be that Stacy would leave the spot, he returned and took steps to toss an article at his ex; in the wake of making a few cases to her about their bombed relationship, the previous NFL running back took the lady off the ground and whipped her a subsequent time, this time on a fun seat.

A previous NFL player is guaranteeing his better half organized a video of him mercilessly going after her, by inciting him into it, since she needed cash from him.

Zac Stacy, a previous Planes running back, was captured in Orlando, Florida after supposedly going after his better half, Kristin Evans, before their newborn child on November 13.

Stunning home reconnaissance film delivered after the supposed attack showed Stacy, 30, over and over punching Evans and throwing her into the television and their four-month-old child’s fun seat as she asked for him to stop.

Zac Stacy’s previous ex affirms in court, she fears for her life

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Previous NFL player Zac Stacy’s ex, Kristin Evans at last showed up in court on Wednesday to address the ninth Circuit Judge Imprint S. Blechman. She wasviolently attacked by her now previous accomplice before their child, they have two youngsters together. Evans was hesitant to show up in court since she obviously dreaded Stacy would raise things and jeopardize her life. After the uncover on Stace that TMZ scooped on November 18, lawful moves were initiated against the previous New York Planes and St. Louis Rams player.

The police captured him and caused him to affirm before an adjudicator and compelled to give up the two his identification and guns. During the underlying court appearance on November 19, bond for Stacy’s delivery was set at US&10,150 subsequent to being accused of Bothered Battery and Criminal Wickedness.

Evans told the appointed authority she is reluctant to get back to her home since she anticipates that Stacy should attack her once more. Nonetheless, Stacy’s lawyer uncovered new data on the previous NFL player’s whereabouts. After the adjudicator prohibited him from entering the territory of Florida, lawyer Thomas Luka let the appointed authority know that Stacy changed his location to Alabama, where he is residing with family members.

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