former Miss France Marine Lorphelin accused of trivializing sexually transmitted infections

On Monday, August 22, Marine Lorphelin was heavily criticized after she shared a post about sexually transmitted infections. Very quickly, the former Miss France wanted to defend herself.

C est fou de balancer ca comme ca l ex miss france marine lorphelin accusee de banaliser les infections sexuellement transmissibles gmspors

Marine Lorphelin is currently the target of Internet users. On Monday, August 22, the former beauty queen shared a story about STIs (sexually transmitted infections). General practitioner Ms. France 2013 announced that between 3% and 5% of French people will face condyloma in their lifetime. These are “more or less raised genital warts caused by certain papillomaviruses”.

Therefore, it invites men and women to use condoms to protect themselves. It also indicates that there are “several types of treatment” in case of infection. “But don’t worry, these lesions are benign and eventually disappear,” the beautiful brunette adds. Words that evoke quick reactions.

A subscriber did not neglect to comment on his post. “Good evening, I’m coming in response to your story about my condyloma… ‘Don’t worry, it’s benign and it will go away eventually… People won’t get cured if you say that. And you know very well how it can turn into cancer. Ready to defend her words, Marine Lorphelin replied: “I said there are several treatments for my condyloma. He is indeed good-natured. And with treatments and time, they will eventually go away. »

And to continue: “Condyloma does not turn into cancer! However, the presence of condyloma symptoms indicates contact with the papilloma virus (HPV 6 and 11.). However, some other papillomaviruses (HPV 16 and 18) are responsible for the development of cervical cancer. If SO, condyloma = don’t forget to have a smear! And even if you don’t have a condyloma = don’t forget to have a smear! “.

Marine Lorphelin, who is often the victim of such statements, explained why she wanted to publish this comment. ” I deliberately shared the previous reaction with you… To show you the aggression we can get on the networks… Sometimes clumsiness, rudeness… And sometimes insults, or more porn photos. In short, today it no longer affects me, protect yourself from this harmfulness. Nobody’s don’t let it attack your self esteem and confidence .

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