Former adult movie star Lisa Ann shocked everyone with her advice to her fan

Lisa Ann managed to become a hot topic with the advice she gave to her male fans. Lisa Ann has been on the agenda by answering a question her fans have been wondering for years.

The star of the 90s, Lisa Ann, who announced her retirement from the adult film industry in 2014, continues to maintain her popularity with the content she shares on social media. Sharing on the topics of health, fitness and life, Ann took the spotlight on social media with the advice she gave to a fan on her podcast.

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Having gained world fame as an adult movie star in the 1990s, Lisa Ann announced that she left the industry completely in 2014. Sports broadcaster Ann hosted the famous name Nicole Doshi on the “Dudes Do Better” podcast. Answering the questions asked by her followers about sexuality, Ann made some recommendations for men to increase their chances with women.

Reading questions from her fans in an episode of her podcast, Ann said, “I’m 46 years old and have never been with any woman. I am overweight and avoid sex because I think my penis is small. What do you think I should do?” he answered the question. Expressing that she understands her fan’s concern, Ann underlined that the size of her genitals is less important than men think.

Former adult movie star Ann said, “We must let go of our bad experiences in order to open the door for good experiences to happen. Size doesn’t matter. Because women care less about this situation,” she said.

Former adult movie star Lisa Ann rebelled!

Former adult movie star lisa ann shocked everyone with her advice to her fan 1 gmspors

Former adult movie star Lisa Ann started selling her sexy photos and videos through OnlyFans after ending her career in the industry. Ann, who mentioned that being known as an adult film actress sometimes caused difficulties in her life, rebelled against those who saw her as a sexual object.

Ann, who ended her career in 2014 after winning awards as an adult film actress, continued her popularity by producing social media content. The 49-year-old celebrity, who conducts a podcast in which he chats with her fans alongside her OnlyFans posts, spoke to her 4.2 million followers about the miscommunication she had with her men. Exposing her social media posts, Ann offered clear guidance on how to communicate with a man when going on a date.

Noting that when she shared a non-decollete pose on her social media account, she only received sexually explicit messages and comments due to the taboos affixed to her, Ann said, “There is no need to sexualize everything. Stop sexualizing. You cannot see women as objects. When I post a photo with a funny quote and I’m fully clothed, I don’t need to hear your sexual comments. Don’t waste my time,” he said.

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