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Tucker Pillsbury, also known as Role Model, is back with new music today.

“Forever & more” is a happy single, a dreamy new track about a new love and actually inspired by her own life. “Forever & More” marks a “new chapter” for Tucker as he enters the next phase of his musical career.

“Obviously it’s a love song. I really wanted to portray how my relationship started and the little moments that got us to where we are now. For the first time, I let people immerse themselves in the relationship and give them visual impressions of those early stages and how I saw that ‘forever and more’ in my head.”

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Role Model – Forever&more

Good example comes through with this Amazing melody which is named Forever&more partake in this track underneath.

[Verse 1]
By the end of the summer, she was a lover
I saw her ex and he’s dressing like me
Hair kinda messy like me
Nobody gets it like me
We made it to winter, naked at dinner
Standin’ on seats, ’cause they playin’ our song
The waiter’s always taking too long
Or maybe we’re just staying too long (Hey)

Ooh, I bet the boys back home are mad
I found an angel wearing plaid
You’ll meet her soon (Hey, hey, hey)
Ooh, I’ve never felt like this before
Can’t pick myself up off the floor
That’s something new, I’m stuck with you

Forever, ever
Forever, ever
Forever, ever, and more
Forever, ever
Forever, ever
Forever, ever, and more

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