Football Manager 2022 Wonderkid List

You will find the most prominent among Football Manager 2022’s young stars in this list. We’ve put together a list of Wonderkids that will interest you on FM 22. We think Football Manager fans love discovering, selling and witnessing the development of players as young as we do.

The “wonder boy” lists prepared for Football Manager 2022 guide the players in the light of certain data. These under-21 player lists are updated annually. There are alternatives suitable for different budgets among the football players in the lists of the stars of the future.

FM 2022 Best Wonderkids

Erling Haaland

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Of course the pinnacle was Erling Haaland. Norway’s cold knight, Erling Haaland, is both expensive and potentially the best in the world. He proved his quality and potential once again with the transfer of Manchester City.

There is not a single football enthusiast who has not heard of Haaland, one of the most popular football players of recent years. The Norwegian goal scorer, who shined in Red Bull Salzburg, was transferred to Borussia Dortmund in the 2019/2020 season interim transfer period.

Of course, we do not foresee you making this transfer in Football Manager, but we were pleased to witness that Haaland was the best in the world in the following years, after all, we were one of the ones who discovered him at FM 2019.

Thiago Almada

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The second MLS player on our list, Thiago Almada, contributed to Atlanta United with 1 goal in 5 games this season. It has an average score of 87 on FM 2022.

Almada was unfortunate not to make our rundown of best wonderkids in FM22, yet depend on it, he is without a doubt an exceptionally encouraging young person who can either be sold for a major charge or contribute as a starter immediately. Toss in his free-kick-taking capacity (13), his dependability from the punishment spot (16) and the reality he can likewise be utilized in a focal job, and he turns into an alluring recommendation.

This Argentine football player has had the success of appearing in young talents in many matches of the FM series.


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Meet Khellven, a Brazilian right-back and potential winger.

One of the most affordable and potential right-back players in Khellven FM 22. We think it has an important place among the wonderkid, especially in FM 22.

Assuming your glass is in every case half unfilled, you’ll take a gander at Khellven’s details and see no qualities. In the event that you’re a glass-half-full kind of individual, you’ll presume that this youthful Brazilian has no prominent shortcomings. The full-back is strong in every aspect of the game, actually has space to create and can be endorsed no sweat by most groups who can manage the cost of him.

Andre Anderson

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Andre Anderson should be added to the list of potential young players who should definitely be transferred to a low-budget team in Football Manager 2022.

Andre Anderson’s transfer fee is quite low, but his potential value is not high. He is also a developing offensive midfielder.

He can play further back in focal midfield however Anderson is best utilized in a No 10 job to capitalize on his eye for objective. His credits in the accompanying regions make him a reasonable beginning choice: strategy (16), energy (15), getting done (14), first touch (14), spilling (14), passing (13) and remote chances (13).

Colin Dagba

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Colin Dagba is a fast-growing player who, although a bit old for development, can sell for more than your transfer fee.

Dagba ends up committed to PSG’s hold side toward the beginning of a game save, however in the event that you have the cash he can be a genuine deal. He ticks every one of the crates you could need from a wing-back. In the event that his 11/20 handling rating puts you off, it merits recalling that Trent Alexander-Arnold just has a 13/20 rating in similar classification in FM22 and he’s one of the most outstanding right-moves in the game.

Adam Hlozek

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One of the best young forward position players in several years has been Adam Hlozek. In FM 22, Adam Hlozek is in the first place among the players who should be transferred with both his potential and quality performance.

It’s not generally imaginable to sign Hlozek in the principal move window as he just marked another agreement. In any case, over the long haul, he can frequently be achieved for definitely not as much as his retail cost. In certain examples, the Czech winger can be endorsed for under £100,000, making him one of the absolute best deals in FM22.

Julian Aude

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Julián Ezequiel Aude Bernardi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a left-back for Lanús.

I was transferring Julián Aude the most in FM 2020. He could not contribute to your team in return for a reasonable transfer fee, and he provided an average performance. He was usually going to a team from the Premier league after improving from your team. We can say that Julián Aude on FM 22 is among the wonders to watch closely.

To sign Aude, you’ll have to add Argentina’s Primera Division toward the beginning of the save. The more associations you add, the more slow the game will work, yet it merits adding to your pool of players so you can get deals like this. The full-back is now a superb tackler with a lot of space to develop.

Bruno Gomes

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Bruno Gomes da Silva Clevelário, better known as Bruno Gomes, is a Brazilian football player who plays as a midfielder for Internacional.

Gomes plays in the second level in Brazil, and that implies most Premier League groups will actually want to sign him. The midfielder is a nice choice in the recreation area and can later be sold on for an essentially bigger charge.

Ozan Kabak

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A career that stretches from Galatasaray to the Bundesliga and then to Liverpool. The young defender gives confidence in matters such as catching the ball and air dominance.

Ozan Kabak appears as a football player who managed to prove his quality at a young age. Especially its affordable purchase and being one of the strongest defenders of the future make it valuable in FM 22.

Ilaix Moriba | Midfielder (Center)

Considered one of the best football players of the new generation, Moriba is a name that grew up in the Barcelona infrastructure. The football player, who is in the central midfield position, transferred to Valencia from RB Leipzig on loan during the interim transfer period.

Jamal Musiala | Offensive Midfielder (Right, Left, Center)

Transferring to FC Bayern after many years in Southampton and Chelsea infrastructures, Musiala undertakes the task of pulling the attacking load of the midfield. A budget of around 50 million euros is required to transfer the 18-year-old young star.

Jude Bellingham | Midfielder (Center)

Bellingham, who was only 16 years old, was transferred to Borussia Dortmund in 2020 for 23 million euros. While the English football player is in the center of the midfield, he is one of the most difficult transfer targets with a cost of close to 150 million euros.

Wesley Fofana | Defense (Center)

At the start of the 2020/2021 season, he transferred from AS Saint-Etienne to Leicester City for 35 million euros. Fofana, who also plays in the French National Team from time to time, is one of the names you can safely entrust the center of defense.

Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia, who was born and raised in Barcelona and started his football career in Barcelona, ​​made a name for himself as a transfer to Manchester City last season. Garcia, whose story in City was short, returned to Barcelona with a new 5-year contract. For a 21 year old player, you might want to see the player with a pretty good track record in your team at FM 2022.

Giorgio Scalvini

Giorgio Scalvini, one of the young defenders of the Italian team Atalanta, played in 13 matches in the 2021-22 season and contributed directly to 1 goal in these matches. For FM 2022 players looking for a high-potential defender who hasn’t even turned 20 yet, Scalvini may be the right choice.

Melvin Bard

Melvin Bard, whom we expect to see in the French national team in the following seasons, played 3 games during the French Cup with OGC Nice and 28 games in the French 1st League and directly contributed to 1 goal. Bard, one of the players on our list that is open to development, is 21 years old.

Nuno Mendes

Nuno Mendes, who is perhaps one of the most popular youth in the defensive title, managed to make a name for himself as he found himself a role in PSG, where he played, both throughout the league and in the Champions League. Mendes, who is only 19 years old, is on loan at PSG.

Luke Netz

Luca Netz, one of the youngest names on our list, sweats the shirt of Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga. Despite his young age, the player, who has an average of 84 points in FM 2022, is only 18 years old.


The young talent Gavi, who has made a name for himself recently, contributed to his team with 2 goals in 28 matches where he had a chance this season in Barcelona, ​​where he played. The FM 2022 average of the young player, who is only 17 years old, is 90.

Samuel Ricci

Another player with very high potential for his age, Ricci may be one of the most ideal midfielders for the team you will establish in FM 2022. Samuele Ricci, who played in Turin, is 20 years old and has an average of 87 in FM 2022.

Ivan Ilic

Young player of Serbian origin Ivan Ilic is actively working for Italian club Verona. The player, who scored 1 goal in 28 games this season, is 86 in FM 2022.

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