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If you have stepped into the endless cycle of the Football Manager series, it is not possible to come back. The start of football leagues every year doubles the excitement of the fans of this game. Because this shows that there is little time left for the new version of their favorite game.
If you are a follower of the series, you should have learned Football Manager 2020 by now.

Especially if we take into account this long time we stayed at home, you should have accumulated a lot of overtime with teams from different leagues, different tactics, wonderkids and price / performance beneficial players. You don’t need to hide that you are already starting to guess or even dream about what Football Manager 2021 will look like. We have compiled the information that has emerged so far about Football Manager 2021 for you.

When will Football Manager 2021 be released?

It has been officially announced that Football Manager 2021 will be released on November 24, 2020.

The reason for its relatively late release is the interruption of the player scouting efforts that Football Manager handles very seriously due to the break in leagues. Moreover, it is difficult to predict how much progress the developers, who had to work from their homes in a period of about 3 months.

Fm 2021 new release date has been finalized as November. After the Football Manager 2021 release date is finalized, many people are wondering about the new game innovations?

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When will FM 2021 beta be made available?

If everything goes well and the release date of our valuable game is not delayed, the beta version can be opened on the dates we are used to.

For the beta, we can mark a few weeks before the game’s estimated release date, ie mid-October, on our calendars.
The Football Manager series will return to the Xbox platform after a long time with the new game. Modeled according to the popular Touch series, Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition will offer a customized gaming experience to the fans of the series.

What do we expect from FM 2021?

The issue of licensing is a wound in the chest of every new game. Although the producer company Sports Interactive has a wide portfolio of licenses, in a game whose primary goal is realism; It is sad that some team names, logos and even team rosters do not reflect the truth. For example, as Juventus’ agreement with PES continues, we will continue to see them as “Zebra” in the FM world in 2021. Of course, players can overcome some problems with the opportunities provided by FM communities, but it is obvious that the licensing issue is expected to develop further.

One of the aspects of the game that definitely needs to level up is that big teams give money to players who don’t need it. Big teams are unrealistic hoarding large numbers of players to their squads for large sums. A little more improvement in the transfer logic of AI would be more beneficial for the safety of the game.

Fm 2021 Developers

If we need to focus a little more on the field, it would be nice for FM developers to take a hand at tactics. The ability to create different formations with the ball in your possession or with the opponent brings the game a little closer to the tactical trends applied in today’s football. Pass ratings in player attributes can also be diversified, such as long passes and short passes. Also, it is time to see the ball trainers standing in the coaching staff.

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