Florentino Perez Tells About Mesut Ozil’s Past With His Girlfriends

Florentino Perez Shocked By Ex-Football Player Mesut Ozil’s Statements About His Girlfriends. It turned out that Mesut Ozil was in a relationship with many models before he got married.

Details continue to come from the voice recording of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez. The part about Mesut Özil in the audio recording, which contains heavy expressions about the legendary football players of the club, Raul and Casillas, drew attention. Stating that Özil broke up with his girlfriend after transferring to Madrid and was in love with an Italian model, Perez said, “He would rent a private jet, have sex with his girlfriend and come back.”

Reveals Revealed After Florentino Perez’s Audio Recording

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This week was marked by statements from Real Madrid, thanks to a series of leaked audio recordings featuring president Florentino Perez. Iker Casillas, Raul, Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Guti have faced harsh criticism and now an embarrassing story of Mesut Özil has come to light.

“When Ozil came to Madrid, he replaced his girlfriend with a model from Milan, until Mourinho said that this model was cursed by all Inter and AC Milan teams and the coaching staff of both teams.”

The audio recordings of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez’s El Confidencial newspaper continue to maintain its place on the agenda. It turned out that Perez, who did not let go of Real Madrid’s iconic football players, also talked about Mesut Özil.

Florentino Perez uses the following statements about Mesut Ozil in the audio recording:

“When Mesut Özil came to Madrid, he exchanged his girlfriend for a model from Milan. Then Mourinho told him that model had sex with the entire Inter and Milan squad.

Ozil was 21 when he arrived, he had a girlfriend, but he quickly discovered Madrid and changed his lifestyle. He kicked his girlfriend and started dating the Italian model. He’d charter a private jet, have sex with his girlfriend, and come back.”

Mesut Ozil’s Girlfriends at That Period

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German newspapers talk about Mesut Özil’s cheating on his lover and then being dumped by his lover. Images of Ozil’s girlfriend carrying her belongings at home were published years ago. In addition to cheating on Mesut Ozil’s girlfriend, it was learned that he was in a relationship with many models at that time.

Fenerbahçe’s Turkish-German star Mesut Özil is on the agenda with his life outside the green field these days. Turkish-born football player Mesut Özil and German singer Mandy Capristo, who came to the agenda with allegations of cheating, parted ways.

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The transport truck on display outside the couple’s London home was cited in the German media as proof that the affair with the news ended years ago.

Mesut Ozil had an affair with Aida Yespica

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Mesut Ozil had a not so advanced relationship with Aida Yespica. It was shared in the news that he was with his famous football player girlfriend Aida many times. After the words of the president of Real Madrid, Aida, one of Mesut Ozil’s best-known girlfriends at that time, ended his relationship with the famous football player.

Mesut Ozil and Matteo Ferrari’s Ex-girlfriend Aida Yespica is a very active personality on social media. In particular, she tries to be on the agenda by frequently posting very striking photos.