Fitness Trainer Pamela Reif pushes the limits with her physique

Fitness Coach Pamela Reif pushes the limits on Instagram with her physique. Pamela, a fitness trainer who is a beautiful and fit trainer, pushed the limits again! She opened her bikini in front of the mirror and made a presentation.

Famous for making fitness training videos on social media, Pamela Reif pushed the limits while promoting sportswear and summer dresses to her followers. Pamela boldly opened and shared the bikini she advertised in front of the mirror. Fitness trainer Pamela, who has 8 million followers on Instagram, receives around 400 thousand likes.

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Fitness Trainer Pamela Reif Shows Off Her Bikini

Pamela Reif shook social media again. The young athlete, who captured a considerable audience with her fitness videos, attracted attention with her latest post. Promoting sportswear and summer wear materials, Pamela almost pushed the limits. Sharing the moments when she opened her bikini, which she promoted in front of the mirror, Pamela also enjoyed this situation.

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Pamela Reif also had a relationship with Loris Karius, who was a goalkeeper for Beşiktaş for a while. It is spoken in the German press that Karius and Pamela are still in contact.

Who is Pamela Reif? Where from? How old? Pamela Reif is gorgeous

She became famous with her love affair with Loris Karius, who has been playing for Beşiktaş since 2016.

She later left Karius, who was transferred to Beşiktaş after the Liverpool period.

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Currently, Pamele Reif is very popular on social media.

The content she made on Youtube during the pandemic period made a sound in a short time.

It has 7.8 million users on Instagram.

She maintained the same reputation on Youtube. Pamela Reif Youtube has passed 7 million subscribers and has a large number of Turkish followers.

FINK editor Wyn was a pumper for a long time. Then Corona took a forced break. Hamburg’s fitness studios have now reopened – but Wyn will no longer go. She prefers to sweat for 20 minutes with Pamela Reif.

It’s been like this for me for over a year: burpees instead of bench presses, home workouts instead of weights. All fitness studios were closed during the quarantine due to the corona pandemic. So at first I had to change my gym, but now I don’t even want to go back to the gym – I prefer to sweat three to four times a week with fitness phenom Pamela Reif.

To say that I sweat with it would actually be misleading. After 20 minutes of power units, the sweat is just dripping with me. Pamela’s makeup fits almost better after the workout than before. How can it be? I recently took a break to take a closer look, but really: even beading beads from the forehead.

After all, the 24-year-old video maker applauds me after the workout. Thanks Pam, that feels really good, at least no one has done this in the gym. Anyway, a workout in front of the laptop is better than any workout in the gym – for a few reasons:

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