Fitness Model Joseline Pinto bikini style

Spanish fitness model Joseline Pinto’s bikini style was very popular. She is a very successful influencer in bringing herself to the forefront with her successful works.

The Spanish model will try to prove her quality in the “Diva Bikini Model” contest after a few days in front of her. The Spanish model, who has a huge fan base with her social media posts, has a unique style.

Diva Bikini Model

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In the ‘Diva Bikini Model‘ category, the jury focuses its attention on ‘the beauty of the face, figure, physical shape and the self-confidence of each contestant.

SERTV presenter and former “Esto es Guerra” contestant Joseline Pinto is in London to compete in the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF), a competition that combines music, fashion, beauty and wellness.

The Panamanian traveled two days ago and will make her debut on Sunday, May 29, in the “Diva Bikini Model” category, which is judged on the basis of overall beauty, body shape, symmetry and tone.

This category doesn’t require a lot of muscle, as Pinto explains, so the difference between her current looks and the physique she had when she entered her first competition in 2020 is stark.

According to the federation’s website, “the focus is on the beauty of the face, the shape, the physical form and the self-confidence of each competitor.”

The competition is divided into two rounds, bikini podium and evening dress. First, two-piece round bikinis of any colour, pattern and style should be worn, but thongs and other clothing with too small a bottom are considered “inappropriate” and prohibited.

Has Its Own Style

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On the subject of evening dresses, special attention is paid to “the general appearance, self-confidence, sense of style and beauty of each competitor”.

Contestants can choose the dress they want, any color, fabric, sequin or bead is accepted, the federation recommends that the contestants choose the model that best shows their personality.

The score distribution for this category is as follows: 40% overall marketability, 40% physicality and 20% stage presence, poise and trust.

Regarding the physical component, Pinto started her preparations from September of last year, because she wanted to have a time frame to avoid setbacks or overcome obstacles that might arise.

Joseline Pinto on the Diet

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Pinto did a combination of training and diet with the help of professionals in these fields to get the physique she needed for the competition.

Pinto started sports at the age of 17, loves to compete and enjoys seeing results for her body, so it’s not sacrificing for her to exercise or not eat a hamburger.

She revealed that he weighed 150kg when she started preparing for this competition, and that he was 130 years old a week before traveling to London.

The WBFF competition will take place at the Indigo at The O₂ theater and will consist of nine categories, six of which are for women.

Fitness Model Strong on Social Media

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Joseline pinto’s fan base on Instagram is over 390,860. The average person viewing this profile is 25-34 years old, male and female from the United States, speaks English, is interested in Media & Entertainment/Film Lovers, and is interested in Employment related products.

The fitness model is on Instagram with the username @joselinepinto19 and has an active profile.

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