Fine psychologist Emily Rogawski on Turkey’s agenda

Beautiful psychologist Emily Rogawski excited the fans of Trabzonspor with her post: If they want to bring me, she used the expressions I’m allowed.

Fine psychologists became one agenda in Turkey. Turkey was enough to draw attention related to the sharing of the greatest football teams of the league Trabzonspor.

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Trabzonspor words of Emily Rogawski, who served in the British giant Chelsea, created a bomb effect. When there were intense messages on social media for Emily Rogawski to come to Trabzonspor, Emily Rogawski did not remain indifferent to the message of a burgundy blue fans and gave the green light to come to Trabzon by saying “If they want to bring me, I’m allowed”.

After Eddie Newton, who took over Trabzonspor during the break last year, eyes turned to Chelsea. The fans, who were waiting for a transfer from Chealsea, his latest team, shared about the psychologist Emily Rogawski.

Quoting the message of the beautiful psychologist burgundy blue fans who responded to the posts, “I am not a doctor, but if Trabzonspor wants to bring me as a psychologist working on the mental and emotional aspects of the game, I am available.” used the expressions.

After this reply, Emily Rogawski was flooded with messages and then had to make a new statement. He acted cautiously, saying, “I have a diploma in sports psychology, but I haven’t worked for a team before.”

Emily Rogawski surprise at Trabzonspor! Social media was on the agenda

It is made comments that Newton, who is an assistant professor at Premier League giant Chelsea, can add to the team thanks to his connections here.

However, Trabzonspor fan wants another name besides the transfer of Eddie Newton from Chelsea.

Fans waiting for a transfer from Chelsea, his latest team, shared about Emily Rogawski, who once worked for athlete mental health at Chelsea.

Guzel psikolog emily rogawski paylasimiyla 718197 7506 2 b gmspors

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