Filipino Bella Poarch, world’s most watched Tiktok video

Famous for her Tiktok videos, Filipino Bella Poarch became the most wanted Tiktok celebrity in October. Bella Poarch, who managed to attract attention with her cute and sexy moves, became one of the fastest rising Tiktok phenomena. It is known that his short and funny video shot especially on the Tiktok platform has reached more than 350 million views.

Bella Poarch Tiktok Celebrity


23-year-old Bella Poarch now stands out as a very active personality in social media. Bella, who has managed to attract attention especially with her tattoos and sexy movements, continues to gain followers rapidly.

The Filipino-American social media personality, who shares his social media accounts with many famous names, is very pleased that he has found a new way to earn money.


“Bella Poarch”, which has 43 Million followers within the Tiktok platform, is one of the popular young people with the most followers. In particular, his different and entertaining videos he shot on Tiktok are viewed by millions. Bella Poarch, a military veterinarian of Philippine descent living in the United States, remained silent to allegations that he left her official duty.

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Bella Poarch, Justin Bieber and his tattoos

Tiktok phenomenon Bella Poarch has lots of tattoos on various parts of her body. Her tattoos, especially on his hips and chest, seem to have attracted great attention from his followers. What are the tattoos on Bella Poarch’s body among the most curious subjects on Google? What do tattoos mean? Her statements take place too much …


“Tyga and Justin Bieber?? Definitely I’m beginning to accept she sold her spirit.”

Bella Poarch has tended to the disdainful savaging over her ongoing TikTok with Justin Bieber.

The TikTok star is no more bizarre to accepting kickback. In September, Bella apologized for getting a hostile rising sun tattoo following kickback (she has since had the tattoo concealed with another plan.) Bella additionally as of late hit out at savages who pummeled her for acting “adorable” or “kawaii” for men.

All things considered, her most recent episode of scorn is over her advancement of Justin’s new track ‘Forlorn’ with Benny Blanco. In the video, Bella is remaining in a lift while ‘Desolate’ plays out of sight. The entryways close and when they open once more, Bella is joined by Benny, Justin, and a heap of soft toys, and they all dance to the track together.


Was Bella Poarch in the navy?

Bella Poarch is a US Navy veteran. Bella left the US Navy for three years after enlisting in 2017. But in his Instagram bio, he proudly states that he is a “vet”. It was learned that the famous 23-year-old Tiktok user of Philippine origin played a role in the treatment of animal diseases.

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Bella Poarch Onlyfans and Naked

Bella Poarch is one of the social media celebrities who are expected to earn the most money on social media and whose net worth is estimated at $ 1 million in 2021. In addition to this, Onlyfans, who attracted attention with their allegations of selling their nude photos through Bella, are surfing on the internet. Poarch, who allegedly sold his nude photos to many of his followers for money, has no explanation yet.

Many adult sites as well as single fans do not have photos and videos to answer the allegations about Bella Poarch. These claims are not definitive, but there is no evidence yet.

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