FIFA and continental federations important announcement

FIFA and continental federations will ban teams participating in the European Super League from all tournaments.

FIFA and the federations of six continents announced that they do not recognize the formation of the European Super League, which is claimed to be formed by the leading clubs of Europe, and that they will ban the clubs and players from their tournaments.

FIFA and the football federations of the continents UEFA, CAF, AFC, Concacaf, CONMEBOL and OFC have signed a joint statement for the first time against the European Super League project.

In the published statement, it was stated that clubs planning to establish the European Super League will not be recognized by FIFA and six other federations and will be banned from all FIFA and continental federations tournaments.

Statement published by FIFA and six confederations

“We, as FIFA and six confederations, will once again warn against the European Super League project, which has recently appeared in the media and is said to be established by European clubs. Such a tournament will not be recognized by either FIFA or six confederations. The clubs and players participating in this tournament will He will not be admitted to any organization organized by confederations and will be banned.

In the status of FIFA and its confederations, FIFA and its confederations are shown as the organizers of all tournaments. The only global tournament is the FIFA Clubs World Cup, and it is unthinkable to hold another global tournament. The universal principles of the sport are sacrifice, promotion, relegation and self-sacrifice.

These are in the pyramid of the football world. Football has had a successful history with these principles. Participation in global and continental tournaments will always be successful in the field.

  • Gianni Infantino: FIFA President Sheikh
  • Selman bin ─░brahim: AFC
  • President Constant Omari: CAF Vice President
  • Vittorio Montagliani: Concacaf President
  • Alejandro Dominguez: CONMEBOL President
  • Lambert Maltock: OFC President
  • Alexander Ceferin: UEFA President


The project includes a system where Europe’s biggest clubs will come together and play in this special league from their own national leagues. According to Sky’s report, this tournament has already received a $ 6 billion investment package. It is also spoken that the “new league”, which is recorded to include more than 10 teams from the 5 major leagues of Europe, as well as 5 teams from England, is planned to start in 2022.

FIFA announced that the European Super League, which has been on the agenda for a while and is planned to be established, will not be recognized. The statement published by FIFA also included the signatures of 6 confederations.

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