Female footballer Ilenia Matilli, who has been in a coma for 10 months, woke up with Totti’s voice message

Female footballer Ilenia Matilli awakens from coma with Totti’s voice message

The 10-month coma that Roma fan young female footballer Ilenia Matilli entered after a traffic accident ended after the voice message of the legendary football player Francesco Totti.

Ilenia Matilli, 18-year-old young footballer of the Lazio Women’s Football Team, fell into a coma after a car accident with her friend Martina Oro in December 2019.

While 20-year-old Martina Oro died in the accident, Matilli had been in a coma ever since. Hearing the voice of Roma’s legendary footballer, Francesco Totti, while the messages of support for the young football player, known to be a Roman fan, did not affect him.

Hearing the message “Ilenia, don’t give up! You will succeed… We are all with you” sent by Totti, Matilli awoke from the coma in which she had been lying for 9 months.


After the young footballer woke up, his family, enjoying great joy, asked Totti to visit the hospital. Stating that they want to thank the legendary football player, Matilli’s family used the following statements in their statement:

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“Your magnificent voice combined with passion made Ilenia, who always had great love for Rome, awakened. The smile on her face, the light and the joy in her eyes came back thanks to you. Dear Francesco, we would like to see you by our side. Ilenia is waiting for you.”

She entered the coma after the accident

Matilli and her friend Oro had an accident in the morning on December 15, 2019. Returning after the night spent with their friends, the two teenagers lost control of the car and ran off the road.

While Oro died at the scene in the car that stopped crashing into a tree, Matilli fell into a coma.

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