Federico Marchetti, Genoa goalkeeper, is in a car accident

The housekeeper crashed into the barriers and blocked the new $ 543,574.40 luxury vehicle of Federico Marchetti, who was protecting the castle of the Italian team Genoa.

Federico Marchetti, one of the experienced goalkeepers of Italy Serie A, has recently bought the luxury vehicle that has become unusable.

A bad surprise awaited Marchetti, who gave his new luxury car to wash before training, when he came to pick up his car. The cleaning company employee, who entrusted the car of the Italian football player, crashed into the barriers with a luxury vehicle. After the accident, the car was on the curtain.

This Italian Football Star smashed the Ferrari 812 Superfast

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Toward the start of the week, Italian soccer player Federico Marchetti investigated his Ferrari 812 Superfast and chose it required a wash. That ended up being a pivotal choice—one the goalkeeper would come to lament.

Following substantial precipitation in northwestern Italy in the course of the most recent week, Marchetti, who plays for Serie A side Genoa, sent his beautiful red games vehicle off to be washed on Monday, as per ESPN. In any case, before it very well may be gotten back to the star, a specialist at the carwash failed to keep a grip on the vehicle and destroyed it.

Following the cleaning, a representative at the vehicle wash drove the stunning roadster to Genoa’s preparation office. In any case, eventually during that venture, the chaperon allegedly failed to keep a grip on the vehicle and crushed into a few other left vehicles. In spite of the fact that the driver got away without injury, this wasn’t some minor mishap. Photographs of the accident posted via online media show that the nose of the $340,000 sports vehicle endured the worst part of the crash, adequately delivering it added up to.

Nearby reports propose that the vehicle wash representative wasn’t ready for the force hiding underneath the hood of the 812 Superfast. Also, adequately sure, the well proportioned speed machine is a genuine monster that most drivers would battle to control.

Fueled by a normally suctioned 6.5-liter V-12 mated to a seven-speed double grip programmed transmission, it’s equipped for producing 789 ponies and 530 ft lbs of curve. All that force permits the vehicle to rocket from zero to 60 mph in less than three seconds and arrive at a maximum velocity of 211 mph. There’s a motivation behind why Robb Report named it Best of the Best in 2018.

As you would envision, Marchetti, who has likewise played for Lazio and the Italian public group, was none too excited to even think about learning that his darling (and over the top expensive) vehicle had been pulverized. However, his irritation immediately went to pardoning subsequent to seeing the analysis the vehicle wash representative was being exposed to on the web. On Tuesday, he took to Instagram to state that what was truly significant was that nobody had been harmed. Great on you, Federico.

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