Fearful moments of Tiktok user Tiffany Granillo

TikTok user Tiffany Granillo told about the fearful moments she lived. Granillo said that when she got home, she looked between her legs and saw a bat clinging to her jeans.

When the young woman looked between her legs, she experienced horror! Tiktok user came home with a bat and shared those moments on tiktok.

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An unprecedented event happened to a woman named Tiffany Granillo, who lives in Colorado, USA. The woman, who was walking towards her house, stopped screaming when she noticed the bat standing between her legs when she got home.

Sharing his experiences from her TikTok account, Granillo stated that he heard a squeak on her way home. But her biggest surprise came when she got home. Because he saw a bat stuck to her jeans. Granillo, who had difficulty even moving, did not neglect to capture these moments on camera. With over 4 million views, TikTok users presented the most creative bat jokes.

Tiffany Granillo was too scared to move, so she called her husband and pulled the poultry out of her jeans. She believed that the bat was attacked by a cat in the neighborhood.

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After the post she shared with the note “Stay away from nature”, Granillo also talked about the ongoing process to her followers. Granillo, who said that she immediately called her husband after seeing the bat, stated that she could not even move during this time period. Emphasizing that they sent the bat for testing, Granillo also stated that the rabies test was negative.

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