Fashion Nova gets full marks from the fans with its black underwear designs

Fashion Nova fascinated everyone in her black underwear! Her breasts became the center of attention: “I saw the goddess”.

Fashion Nova, the famous fashion company of the United States, once again became the agenda with its social media sharing.

The brand, which is generally known for its sexy designs and the phenomena and models it works with on its Instagram account, has managed to attract attention on social media with a recent post. The sharing of the company, which rolled up its sleeves to promote its underwear collection, became the focus of attention with the model that carries more products than products.

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Shaking social media with her Instagram account, which has more than 21.4 million followers, Fashion Nova actually wanted to remind her fans of the biggest sale of the season, namely Black Friday, with this post. However, what stood out in the post, which invited customers to add all the underwear sets they wanted to their carts, was the model itself rather than the big discount.

Drawing attention with her bronze skin and sexy body structure, the beautiful model named Annelese Milton attracted the attention of users, especially with her plump breasts. While the post garnered more than 12,000 likes in one day, many users left their compliments in the comments section. While one follower wrote “I saw the goddess”, others expressed the beauty of the model with various compliments.


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