Farewell to Blanca Romero and her friend, model Vanessa Asbert

The saddest farewell took place to Blanca Romero and her friend model Vanessa Asbert. The model mother of her young child died of cancer.

Asturian actress Blanca Romero shared a sad news on her social networks a few hours ago that shocked all her followers. Vanessa Asbert, her friend and colleague of decades with whom she lived and had professional success by visiting dozens of countries, passed away this week. Catalan mother of four-year-old Alex has regularly battled cancer for a long time and received an experimental treatment to reduce two tumors that were growing but were not winning, according to her publications. war. Today, her best friends and fans commemorate her with beautiful words and cute photos.

Farewell to Blanca Romero and her friend model Vanessa Asbert GMSPORS

Lucia Rivera’s mother has been in the first three post vintage on her account with an instant “private phrase” on My Vane… The rest, love in peace. No cat is more beautiful than you. I didn’t love you, champion”. Some such as modeling friends Martina Klein, Ariadne Artiles and other personalities famous such as stage Paula Echevarria and translator Elia Galera have also attended this commemoration through commentary. These images confirm that Vanessa is one of the most beautiful blue looks and attractive in history, plus impeccable style.

From her young beginnings, Vanessa was one of the most admired faces among photographers for her stunning beauty of the Mediterranean, and was part of the most famous group of models with the Spanish stamp of the century. She was the image of major advertising campaigns for well-known brands such as Bvlgari, also on the cover of international beauty and fashion magazines, and debuted in the early 2000s as an actress in two films with Tom Cruise and Ogni lasciato è perso, Minority Report. . The model will always be remembered for her flawless work and also for her timeless blue eyes.