Famous model Cris Galera despaired of men

Model Cris Galera wore a wedding dress and she manages to surprise everyone with her move.

Saying “life without men is great”, the supermodel took it to a surprising level and announced to the world that she was married to her.

Brazilian model Cris Galera, who felt bad for a long time because she was not in a relationship, found the solution in marrying herself. Arguing that life without men is wonderful, the model said that she has matured and is happier with herself.

The Brazilian model explained that her trust in men was shaken over time and she decided to marry herself.

Cris Galera thought she needed to be in a relationship to be happy and avoid loneliness, but she found that she was happier and more self-sufficient when she didn’t have someone in her life.

Cris Galera is now a more mature woman

Cris explains: I was always afraid of being alone, but I realized that I had to learn to feel good. When that happened, I decided to celebrate.”

The Brazilian, who said she didn’t want to be disappointed anymore, announced that she married herself by posing in a wedding dress in front of a Catholic church in Sao Paulo.

The 33-year-old revealed: “I reached a point where I matured, I realised that I am a strong and determined woman.

Cris Galera used to think that to be happy and avoid loneliness, she needed to be in a relationship.

Cris added: “I decided that I would no longer read the hate comments. People’s opinion will not change what I think or add anything to it.”

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