Famous actress Alec Baldwin postpartum first images

Famous actress Alec Baldwin’s wife breastfed her baby and brushed her teeth in front of the mirror

63-year-old actor Alec Baldwin’s newly born wife breastfed her baby in front of the mirror and brushed her teeth at the same time. 35-year-old yoga instructor shared this pose with the note “We are champions in multitasking”.

A veteran Hollywood actor, 63-year-old Alec Baldwin and his 36-year-old wife, Hilaria Baldwin, recently had a new baby boy. Hilaria Baldwin shared the first postnatal photos. The couple, who was criticized a lot due to the age difference between him and his wife, shows their happiness by having too many children.

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The life of the Baldvin family, who expanded the family a little more with their fifth child, is now more active than before. Hilaria Baldwin, a yoga teacher, also shared photos of her new life on her Instagram page.

Baldwin brushed his teeth while breastfeeding his baby while taking a selfie with his new baby. Baldwin shared this pose he took 3 and a half days after the birth of his baby with the note “we are champions in multitasking”.

Meanwhile, Baldwin also announced on his social media account that his new baby’s name was Eduardo Pau Lucas Balwin. The couple announced the birth of the new baby on their social media pages last week.

Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, who shared the same pose with his other children years ago, keeps in touch with his followers amid his busy pace. Hilaria provides online training to her followers by uploading her yoga videos to her Instagram account.


Star said that politicians sought “public office as a way of self-realization” after lifelong training, and then began to climb a “merit-based” ladder.

“None of them fall asleep for anything but political power and fundraising,” he said.

The “30 Rock” graduate later admitted that he was particularly interested in being nominated for governor of New York, as commuting to and from Washington DC would be difficult for a family man, but his wife was not so enthusiastic about the idea.

“My wife said she would divorce me if I ran for office,” he admitted.

Lowe, 56, said that he was also considering stepping into politics, but a change in the arena turned him down.

“The people I’ve always been interested in – the consensus builders and the people who can walk down the aisle, the stories of Tip O’Neill and [Ronald] Reagan fighting and cursing each other and then go and drink a whiskey and cut it is a deal that no longer exists in cloakrooms,” he said.

Moreover, Lowe admitted that watching his friend and fellow actor Arnold Schwarzenegger go into politics “ruined him”.

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