Famous actor Anthony Johnson, who played Ezal on Friday, was found dead

Famous comedian Anthony Johnson was found dead. Information about the cause of death of actor and comedian Anthony Johnson is expected to emerge.

Actor and comedian Anthony Johnson, known for his portrayal of the character “Ezal” in the “House Party” movie series in 1990, died at the age of 55. Johnson’s representative, LyNea Bell, said in a statement, “We’ve lost an icon. We will miss him very much. He left us incredible memories with his laughter, dynamic acting, but most of all, his tremendous personality and heart of gold.”

Speaking to TMZ, Johnson’s nephew revealed that the comedian was found dead in a Los Angeles store earlier this month. The cause of death has not been disclosed so far.

Friday” co-star, rapper Ice Cube, tweeted on Johnson’s death, saying, “It’s sad to wake up to the news of AJ Johnson’s passing. He’s also a naturally funny guy straight out of Compton. Last Friday, his character Ezal “I’m sorry I couldn’t bring ‘I’ back to the big screen…”

It was announced that the person found dead in a store in Los Angeles on Friday was the famous actor Anthony Johnson, who played Ezal. Speaking to TMZ, Johnson’s nephew revealed that the comedian was found dead in a Los Angeles store.

Johnson, who started his career with stand-up comedy shows in California, became known for his character “Ezal” in the 1995 movie “Friday” with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, and among the films of Johnson, “Menace II Society”, “I Got the Hook-Up” and “Lethal Weapon 3”. Johnson also starred in the TV series “Martin”, “South Central”, “The Parent ‘Hood” and “Malcolm & Eddie”.

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Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson, ‘Friday’ and ‘Local Party’ entertainer, dead at 55

The Compton, California local was brought into the world to a Hollywood double prior to becoming well known on the stand-up parody circuit. He got a big screen break when he handled the job of E.Z.E. in 1990’s “Local Party,” close by Kid n’ Play rappers Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin, and DJ Mark “Wiz” Eastmond. Johnson repeated the job for the third “Local Party” portion.

His most significant exhibition was apparently as the trivial criminal Ezal in 1995’s “Friday,” dispatching the high-living establishment that which featured rapper Ice Cube, who likewise co-composed the film, and joke artist Chris Tucker.

He was reputed to be set to repeat his particular job of Ezal in a forthcoming continuation, “Last Friday,” at the hour of his passing, as indicated by his authority IMDB page.

In 2017, he allegedly experienced a fit of anxiety at LaGuardia Airport while heading to a NYC standup gig, the Daily Mail announced. Notwithstanding, it isn’t known whether issues with uneasiness are connected to his demise.

In the mean time, fans are grieving Johnson’s unfavorable end via online media.

“RIP Anthony Johnson Folded hands….some of the most quotable lines in the original Friday were his,” wrote the popular Twitter account Wu-Tang Is For The Children, fetching nearly 2,000 likes so far for sharing an iconic clip from “Friday” which shows the character Ezal demonstrating his convenience store slip scam.

Bell said Johnson was survived by many of his friends and family members, and said “constant prayer for his entire family, including his wife Lexis, three children, brother Edward ‘Peanut’ Smith, sister Sheila, and lifelong manager and friend Mike D. we will. Please. Give them the time they need to process and mourn such a great loss.”

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