Families be careful! The challenge trend that kills kids on TikTok

A new challenge trend that endangers children has begun in TikTok, one of the most popular social media content in the world. Experts warn that families should keep their children away from these challenge videos.

Experts warn families against TikTok, which has become popular among social media apps: Our bored children can die while having fun on TikTok!

The experts point out that the TikTok application is mostly used by young people and children, which is based on the voicing of music videos by lip matching and making clips for them, He pointed out that the abuse has reached the extreme.

Families be careful the challenge trend that kills kids on tiktok gmspors

Experts warned families and young people, especially children and young people, against the practice that harms the national and spiritual values ​​of the society.

Is TikTok Breaking the Rules in Societies?

* TikTok application is accepted as a platform where 15-second videos are shared. In fact, it is an application started for entertainment purposes. As with other social media platforms, there are some features such as friend tracking and messaging, but live streaming is one of the most important features of the application. During the live broadcast, children may engage in some unpleasant behaviors to earn money. It has now reached over 2 billion downloads. When we look at this application, it appears as an application that has been on the market for the last few years but is rising in the fastest way. It currently has 689 million users. It also has a very serious market. During the live broadcast, national and moral values ​​are trampled in order to make money.

Age Settings on Tiktok

* As with other applications, there is an age limit of 13 for this. Unfortunately, children can be included in the system by decreasing their age. Our advice to families in this regard is the digital feature in the profile tab. By putting some restrictions here, we may have ensured that our children avoid certain harmful content. We can change the profile account to a private account and turn off everyone unfollowing. On the other hand, we can impose messaging restrictions. It also has a feature called screen time management. By introducing restrictions on this, you can make your child use the TikTok application in a shorter time.

Tiktok Kills Challenges

* There is also a trend in TikTok called challenge. In the Challence stream, one person is performing an activity, they can refer to the other friend by telling how much more you can do. Unfortunately, one of the most common content on this topic is the so-called breath-holding difficulty movement. Recently, we see that many children have lost their lives in this regard. We see that it doesn’t really have a positive benefit to TikTok. Unfortunately, it causes children to be entangled in a series of activities, such as child deaths, sexuality, nudity, and being caught by terrorist organizations, not for entertainment purposes.

Keep Young Children away from Tiktok

* In this context, the ability to delete TikTok applications from phones is my biggest advice to families, but as we said, there are some restrictions from the profile tab, although they cannot be deleted. At the very least, by doing these or using this app with parents’ children, we prevent perverts or terrorist organizations or cyberbullies from falling into the net.

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