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Tiktok star Ellie Zeiler manages to reach 10 million followers with her beauty and short videos. The fact that Tiktok girl funny videos and challenge videos went viral were a few of the factors that made her popular.

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Web-based media star most popular for her elliezeiler TikTok account where she posts lip-sync and dance recordings. She initially acquired prominence when Charli D’Amelio remarked on one of her TikTok recordings about how comparative they looked.

She played b-ball and golf in center school. She started effectively posting on TikTok in March 2020. She arrived at 2 million supporters in about a month.

Her recordings have procured her over 9.99 million adherents on TikTok. She posts snazzy pictures on her Instagram account, which has procured more than 1 million supporters.

She is from San Diego, California. Her folks are named Rick and Sarah and she has a couple of twin siblings named Ben and William. She has a canine named Teddy.

In October 2020, she posted a TikTok video where she hits the dance floor with Alex French and Lyss Antoci to a melody by Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters.

Sixteen-year-old Ellie Zeiler is a TikToker from San Diego, California, whose recordings have circulated around the web, summing her over 10M adherents on her foundation @elliezeiler. Her substance range from moving to cooking recordings, just as sharing significant activism recordings.

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Ellie Zeiler Age,Birthplace,Astrological sign

    March 6, 2004
    United States
  • AGE
    17 years old

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Ellie was brought into the world on March 6, 2004, otherwise known as she’s a Pisces sovereign!

She’s known to post moving and small video blog style recordings.

Before Ellie exploded, fans left remarks about the amount she looks like Charli. That is to say, individuals are right, they’re fundamentally twins!

In case you’re into the ~culinary arts~ you might’ve seen Ellie on TV previously. A couple of years prior, she was on a scene of Chopped Junior, however her experience on the show was really brief and she got hacked.

Is there a triangle between Quinton Griggs, Cynthia Parker, and Ellie Zeiler? Mmh, let’s stock up!

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Do you remember the love drama starring Mads Lewis, Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards? Good. Put that aside, because there’s an even sweeter one featuring Quinton Griggs, Cynthia Parker, and Ellie Zeiler. The love triangle was born in mid-2020 and continues to news a year later. Let’s get it clear from the beginning.

Once upon a time there was a couple formed by Quinton Griggs and Cynthia Parker. The two always separate and get better. In mid-2020, Quinton is in a relationship with another girl. For Cynthia, even though the two aren’t officially together yet, it’s a betrayal. While the two try to clarify, Ellie calls Quinton “cute.” This is not up to Parker. Zeiler admits that he is disrespectful to him and sends DMs to apologize. A few months passed. In September 2020, Ellie celebrates Cynthia’s 30th birthday. Parker obviously wasn’t 30, but 16. It’s clearly a joke. In March 2021, Quinton and Cynthia officially parted amicably permanently. Griggs is single. Ellie has a clear path and can hang out with her if she wants to.

We arrive in May. During a live broadcast on Triller Cynthia, it is revealed that Quinton and Ellie are sleeping together. Tiktoker has been showing off on Twitter by posting a message mentioning someone who “gets what they want”. Deletes it after a short while. However, Zeiler interprets the rumors spreading on TikTokRoom as “100% made-up” and invites everyone to look into their own business. The impressive Sabrina Quesada intervenes with the person who claims Ellie’s denial is embarrassing. Finally, Quinton speaks and urges people to stop creating hate:

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None of this should end on social media. So, for God’s sake, we’re 16-17 years old. I admit that I made a huge mistake and sincerely apologize and regret it. But now, forget it.

Cynthia returns to duty and sends Ellie a goose, according to her, who seems satisfied enough to stick around and tell everyone she got what she wanted a year later.

In the end, Ellie continues to categorically deny that she is dating Quinton Griggs, Cynthia is convinced otherwise, and Quinton ignores it and mentions a past mistake with Ellie without specifying whether it was referring to a relationship or something else. Their drama is at the level of a soap opera.

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