Facts about the mystery of China’s underground army

We have prepared information that will surprise you about the mystery of the underground army of China, one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

All the facts about these historical ruins, which are trending among the most mysterious posts of recent times on social media and where the Chinese army is called buried in the ground, are surprising.

Emperor China Xi Huang had an army of thousands of soldiers built to protect him after his death. Each of the more than 8,000 statues believed to guard the tomb of Xi Huang of China are different and real portraits of soldiers.

Chinese Shi Huang, whose real name is Zhao Zheng, was born in BC. He was born in 259. Huang became head of the Qin dynasty at the age of 13. The khan of Qin was victorious in many battles. Thus, political unity in China was achieved. As a result, Shi Huang of China became the first emperor of China.

The mystery of China’s underground army

However, the first emperor of China had some rather interesting features. For example, the Chinese Shi Huang was a cruel and paranoid ruler. The emperor, due to his extreme paranoia, ordered an army to be formed to protect him after he died. Thus, the Terracotta Army came into existence thanks to the paranoia of the Chinese Shi Huang.

China’s first emperor buried in China’s largest tomb! So much so that 700,000 workers were employed in the construction of the tomb. In fact, the 76-meter-deep tomb looked like a city modeled after the capital, Xianyang. It is in this huge tomb that Chi Huang was buried. His treasures and concubines were also buried with him.

Also, many traps were prepared to keep looters away from the tomb. Many mechanical traps and a river of mercury stood ready to protect the Chinese Xi Huang after he died. Moreover, all the workers who prepared the mechanical traps were buried alive in the tomb to protect the secrets of the tomb. The last protection measure in this interesting tomb belonging to the Chinese Shi Huang was the Terracotta Army.

China Shi Huang, one of the first and most important emperors of China, had an army built worthy of his name, albeit from soil! So much so that there were 8,000 soldiers in the army. In addition, 130 chariots, 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses were among the most important parts of the land army. The Terracotta Army not only protected the emperor, but also contained important clues about his might.

Soldiers in the Terracotta Army are built the way a real army should be. Hierarchy in a real army was also found among ground soldiers. Generals, officers, cavalry, infantry, archers, chariots.

Terracotta Army

In short, the Terracotta Army had all the elements of a real army. On the other hand, another feature of the army that made it very interesting was that all the soldiers were made in almost life-size dimensions. In addition, each of the thousands of soldiers has faces that are different and arranged according to their rank.

According to military research, all parts of the soldiers were produced separately and put together before placing them in the tomb. Creating such realistic and detailed soldier figures was something only talented artists and artisans could achieve. On the other hand, soldiers in the army were equipped with real swords, bows and arrows.

Ordu is visited by millions of tourists every year. In addition, the world’s most important museums from time to time exhibit figures in the army. Thus, many people in different geographies of the world have the opportunity to meet with the land soldiers. Source: Listlist, Historyhit

The Earthen Soldiers or Terracotta Army are terracotta statues found in the tomb of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang. The statues, made in 210 BC, were found in 1974 by a farmer near Xi’an, Shaanxi province, China.

Are Terracotta Soldiers real?

The Terracotta Warriors are associated with the Chinese ruler Qin Shi Huang. There are clay soldiers in this tomb as much as a real army. The interesting thing is that researches show that each statue is actually a different person… Here is the mysterious tomb of China, the Terracotta Warriors.

According to the researches, the bodies and faces of the earthen warriors were made by hand, while some parts such as feet and hands were made using the casting technique. Soldiers, who are made to resemble real soldiers, have horses, chariots, armor made of bronze, swords, arrows, spears and spears.

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