Facts about the beautiful and ambitious woman Jeanne Goursaud in the TV Barbarians TV series

New Series to Be The Favorite of War and Thriller Patients by Taking First Place in Netflix’s Top 10 List: ‘Barbarians’

Our series, whose first episode met with the audience on October 23, consists of 6 episodes of 45-50 minutes on average. Barbarians is a German-made series of war and thriller as a genre. It is one of the series that we can finish a season in a single sitting because it consists of 6 episodes in total and has a fluent scenario.

The Barbarians tell the story of the enemy Germanic tribes who decided to move together to drive the Roman Empire’s army out of their land. Sequence, MS. It is in the 9th century.

The series generally focuses on the important characters involved in the war. This war series, which includes famous names such as Gaetano Aronica, I think Ferenczi and Jeanne Goursaud, has already become a favorite of many series lovers.

#Barbarians on Netflix goes very hard man I really suggest it especially if you like history.

It’s pretty dang good. pic.twitter.com/umOUe2nw9l

— Ace Bande 🕹 (@ace_bande) October 26, 2020

Who is Jeanne Goursaud, the beautiful and ambitious woman of the Barbarians series?

Jeanne Goursaud, who has been under the scrutiny of the whole world with Netflix’s Barbarians, established a throne with the character Thusnelda, which he portrayed in the series. You can find out everything about 24-year-old Barbarians star Jeanne Goursaud in our news.

With the release of the Netflix series Barbarians, which is about the War of Varus between the Roman Empire and the Germans, it managed to become one of the most watched productions. The leading roles of the German-made series are shared by Laurence Rupp, Jeanne Goursaud and David Schütter.


Jeanne Goursaud, who portrays Thusnelda, the ambitious, beautiful and vengeful woman in the series, has already become one of the names that the world has taken under the spotlight. Born on April 4, 1996, the young woman began to appear on German televisions from a very young age. His biggest success in his career until the Barbarians series was a minor role in Clint Eastwood’s 15:17 Paris Train. Prior to that, he starred in Germany’s popular TV series and comedy films. Prior to the Barbarians series, Jeanne Goursaud was known for his productions at 15:17 Paris Train, Erwartungen and Dieter Not Unhappy.

Born in Pinneberg, Germany, Goursaud’s childhood passed in the Halstenbek region. Jeanne Goursaud now lives in Berlin. Jeanne Goursaud, of German-French origin, describes her passion for acting in these words: “There was a four-meter trampoline in our garden, they would wear the clothes with my brother from the costume box at home and use that trampoline as a stage. We would improvise with my sister and our poor parents would have to watch us for hours.”

Describing how she got the role of Thusnelda in an interview she gave, at first she thought she could not handle the warrior role that she would portray. Explaining that he read and watched everything he found about the Battle of Teutoburg Forest before the series, Goursaud said that he is eagerly awaiting comments and reactions to the series from different countries.

The young woman, who received spear and sword training for the series, also said that she learned many new tricks that can be made with a knife and that this is now a personal hobby. Jeanne Goursaud, who said he very much wanted the series to continue, said that he was eagerly awaiting Netflix’s decision regarding the series.

Jeanne Goursaud Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Family, Biography & More

  • The surprising German performer has an ideal physical structure that suits her bewildering character. Her adorable face and dim blue eyes make her even more excellent.
  • Examining the performer’s Height and Weight, Jeanne Goursaud remains at reasonable stature of 5 feet 6 inches tall (1.67 meters) and weighs approximately 132 pounds (60 kg).
  • She has shimmering light hair which adds extra magnificence to her brilliant face trim. The star has a smooth style sense. Jeanne is furthermore known for her astonishing looks and flawless smile. Additionally, she jumps at the chance to do light beautifiers.
  • The body sort of Jeanne is an hourglass, which respected with assessments 36-28-36 inches (Breast: Waist: Hips). She keeps up her body perfectly by achieving work out on the ordinary timetable and taking a strong eating routine.
  • In the wake of finishing her acting course, she ventured into the acting calling.
  • According to the sources, Jeanne started her acting vocation with theater plays.
  • She performed countless plays including White clear page, Was uns nicht bring, and so forth in different auditoriums of Germany.
  • After some time, she began taking a shot at short motion pictures.
  • She came into the spotlight subsequent to turning into the cast of the arrangement named “In Wahrheit”.
  • She made an impressive presentation in the German film called “15:17 to Paris”.

Jeanne Goursaud net worth

Net worth (approx) $ 1.5 million US dollars (As of 2020). Jeanne Goursaud continues to increase her net worth. The young actor is quickly climbing the career ladder. Beautiful actress Jeanne Goursaud has a luxurious life with her net worth increasing.

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