ex-serviceman Kayley Gunner resigns from the army

The brave poses of the American ex-sergeant shook social media! Her new career took her by surprise when she resigned from her service in the army.

A woman named Kayley Gunner, who worked as a sergeant in the American army, was in the focus of reactions because of her sexy poses. Resigning from her military service, Gunner changed her career to social media phenomenon. Gunner, who earns income by selling her sexy photos and videos on social media, stated that he used her military status to prepare for her social media career before leaving her duty in the army.

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Kayley Gunner, who managed to become popular in her country in a short time thanks to her obscene posts on social media, had the rank of sergeant in the armed forces of the United States. Before the veteran was handed a weapon and sent to the field, Gunner admitted that she used her status to undergo surgery that would benefit her social media career. Speaking on Holly Randall’s Unfiltered podcast, Gunner didn’t forget to thank the military.

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Stating that military personnel in the United States can have free surgery if they reveal that they have mental problems related to dysmorphism in their body, Gunner said, “If you have any mental problems with your body, they do plastic surgery for you free of charge because they want the soldiers to trust themselves. Air force doing great boobs, salute the air force. Military wives undergo a lot of surgery, I don’t know if there is a limit to their surgeries. The army is making free breasts,” she said.

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Expressing that he felt close to the industry and secretly started Her social media career while chatting with a Gunner award-winning adult film director, Gunner said, “During my military duty, I opened my social media account and started selling my poses. This was completely forbidden. When my poses were revealed, I was fired from my army duty and started my new career. I am much happier now,” he said.

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