Sexy moods to rock social media from ex-Russian spy Aliia Roza

Former KGB agent Aliia Roza, who helped destroy crime and human trafficking gangs, stated that the secret psychological techniques she used were effective in catching criminals. Expressing that he took part in secret missions especially in the capture of drug lords, the former Russian agent challenged him by saying, “I can make any man fall in love with me, and it cost a man’s life.”

Confession from the ex-Russian agent that surprised everyone! She proves the words “I can make any man fall in love with me” with the photos she shares.

ex-Russian spy Aliia Roza

A former undercover KGB agent specially trained in the ‘honey trap‘ technique used to impress crime leaders said she could make anyone fall in love with him thanks to her seduction techniques. Roza, whose father and grandfather took part in top secret missions in the Soviet army, was working as a service agent for her country. After leaving her job, Roza managed to attract attention with her confessions.

Stating that she has special techniques that can make gang leaders fall in love with her in order to gather information, Roza said, “The psychologists in the Soviet Union gathered a lot of information about how the psychology of a man’s mind works, this started during the Cold War. There are extremely special techniques for this that I have not seen on the internet or in books. “When you make a man fall in love with you, she can sacrifice her life for a woman.”

Stating that she helped him escape even when she learned that the gang leader was a government agent in her last mission, Roza said, “For 8 months, I applied these special techniques to her. When she realized that I was a spy, his brothers wanted to kill me. She stopped them and helped me escape. She helped me knowing that they were going to kill her,” she said.

ex-Russian spy Aliia Roza

Aliia Roza, a former KGB agent who helped destroy crime and human trafficking gangs, talked about how her secret psychological techniques sacrificed the life of a drug lord.

To pull off the perilous missions, Aliia says, she needed to utilize a variety of mental stunts to make the cartel managers fall captivated by her.

She expressed: “Clinicians in the Soviet Association gathered a mass of data about how the brain research of a man’s psyche works, it began during the Virus War… and every one of the female specialists knew how to influence the male cerebrum – they knew how to entice a man and make him experience passionate feelings for… make any man become hopelessly enamored.”

Aliia expresses that while she was likewise prepared in the utilization of additional regular weapons, for example, guns, it was this capacity to make any man succumb to her turned into her chief apparatus.

“There are unique strategies that I’ve never seen distributed wear the web or in books,” Aliia told us.

However, at some point, even her considerable abilities were stretched to the edge. Individuals from one of the packs she had penetrated sorted out that she was the “rodent” who had been passing data to the security administrations.

She was just safeguarded by the posse chief, a man called Vladimir, who even after he understood she was an administration specialist was so stunned with her, he helped her break.

Despite the fact that, says Aliia, that choice expense him his life.

“I applied these strategies on Vladimir for quite a long time,” she says, “and when he understood that I was the rodent… and his group ‘siblings’ said I must be killed he halted them, and assisted me with getting away.”

“He realize that they would kill him,” she says. “Dissecting that, obviously it’s truly miserable yet seeing that you understand how strong these strategies are. They can make a man fall head over heels and penance his life for a lady.”

Aliia has now moved to Beverly Slopes, in California, USA, where she shows a portion of the mental stunts she learned in the mysterious KGB instructional course.

“These procedures, you can involve them in business, in fellowship… even with kids” to get what you need, Aliia says.

She has quite recently sent off a 10 section online temptation course which guarantees that “paying little mind to appearance or societal position” graduates will actually want to “lure anybody”.

For more data on Aliia’s courses , click here.

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