Ex-girlfriend orders protection against Tom Hanks’ son Chet

Chet Hanks – the child of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – and his sweetheart Kiana Parker lived in Sugar Land when their relationship as of late finished in brutality, court reports say.

The more youthful Hanks and Parker have made a lawful move against one another since the January episode, and a Fort Bend County judge allowed a defensive request against him.

Ex girlfriend orders protection against tom hanks son chet 1 gmspors

In a claim Hanks recorded against Parker this month, his lawyer said Hanks cut off the friendship in January after he discovered that Parker “deceitfully made charges to his check card,” adding up to more than $5,000.

The following day, Parker “brought three threatening huge men” to their Sugar Land rental home, court archives say, and Parker “crushed (Hanks) over the face with (a) pot and cut him with (a kitchen) blade,” making him drain “abundantly.”

In her solicitation for a defensive request following a similar episode, Parker said the three men were assisting her with moving out and that she was the survivor of physical and boisterous attack by Hanks that day, and commonly earlier.

“(H)e pushed me against the vehicles and wrestled me around the vehicles” outside their Sugar Land home that day in January “while hauling me across the asphalt,” Parker wrote in a sworn statement. “I was shouting and requesting help.”

A spectator called Sugar Land police. A representative for the division affirmed that officials reacted to the scene that day.

“(Parker) told police she showed up at the house to recover individual effects, and her beau attacked her and harmed her PDA,” the police report said. “The lady endured obvious wounds to her elbow and arm.”

“Sugar Land PD later charged Chester Marlon Hanks, 30, of California, with attack family brutality. The charges were submitted to the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office,” the police report finished up.

Eventually, the Fort Bend County DA’s office didn’t acknowledge charges against Hanks. In any case, a Fort Bend County judge allowed Parker’s solicitation for a defensive request against Hanks.

“The Court finds that family savagery has happened, was submitted by Chester Marlon Hanks, and there is an undeniable risk that family viciousness submitted by Chester Marlon Hanks is probably going to happen again later on except if limited by the Court,” the defensive request said.

Hanks faces a fine and as long as a half year in prison on the off chance that he disregards the defensive request, which disallows him from speaking with Parker, going close to her, and having a gun, in addition to other things.

Parker’s lawyer, Marty Singer, called Parker’s cases “totally bogus, created and anecdotal.”

“The day after Chet Hanks went up against Kiana Parker about taking cash from his Visa, while Ms. Parker was joined by an immense male conveying a weapon, she violently assaulted Chet with a blade, which made him bountifully drain,” the assertion said partially. “It is all on record and the undisputed video recounts the entire story.”

Artist’s office didn’t give the video referenced in the proclamation.

Ex girlfriend orders protection against tom hanks son chet 2 gmspors

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