Everything you need to know about Football Manager 2023

Everything you need to know about football manager 2023 1 1 gmspors

When will Football Manager 2023 be released? FM 2023 release date and new upcoming features and more.

Football Manager, the most played manager simulation in the world, will meet football lovers in the new year. Details about the production, to which millions of people as well as football players and coaches are passionately connected, are a matter of curiosity. So, when will Football Manager 2023 (FM 23) be released? How much is the Football Manager 2023 (FM 23) pre-order price?

Everything you need to know about football manager 2023 1 1024x576 1 gmspors

Players who bought the final version of Football Manager in November last year are questioning when Football Manager 2023 will be released. While it is said that the new version will be more fun and more exciting, the new features that will come with FM 2023 are also curious.

The new version of Football Manager, which was released in November last year and reached more than one million sales only on PC/Mac platforms in a short time, is expected to be released in 2023 with excitement. The release date of FM 2023, which aims to offer gamers more entertainment with its new features, is being investigated in this context.

While it has been announced that some new features have been added to the content of Football Manager 2023, the new video game is expected to satisfy the huge fan base. One of the news that fans were eagerly waiting for was whether Serie A giant Juventus would be included in the game. Making a statement on the subject, Konami stated that the license agreement signed between Juventus and eFootball has expired and that it may be possible for Juventus to return to the FM game.

Other features coming to Football Manager 2023

It has been learned that women’s football has been integrated into the database of the game, which will be presented as a more developed game in general. While it is known that the developers of Football Manager have been trying to create a database and technology in women’s football for the last 1-2 years, it is not yet known whether it will be used for FM23 in time.

Everything you need to know about football manager 2023 2 gmspors

Among the new features to come with Football Manager 2023, the predictions will clearly include women’s football. Other information is that in FM 2023, coaches will now have systems that will enable them to interact more. In addition, with the developing football, people want more detailed training systems and game graphics in the new FM game.

When will Football Manager 2023 be released?

The Football Manager 2023 release date has not yet been confirmed. The last three editions were published in November, and the 2023 edition is likely to come out around the same time of the year. Follow us for a confirmed release date.

Football Manager, which released its last 3 versions in November, has not yet determined a month for 2023. Gamers hope that the game developed with new features can be released in November again.


There’s also the prospect of a pre-booking discount, a 10 percent reduction from last time.

In the case of stores, Football Manager 2023 is available for purchase as a PC or Mac download via Epic or Steam and the official Sega store, as well as the Microsoft store.

Football Manager 2023 Xbox version and Football Manager 2023 Touch are expected to be cheaper than the full PC game, similar to last year’s series.

The Football Manager 2022 Xbox edition and Touch edition are priced at £29.99 in the UK and $39.99 in the US.

The prices of Football Manager, which is priced at 39.99 euros in the UK and $54.99 in the US, are not expected to change. In fact, there is an expectation of a pre-booking discount in the game, which experienced a 10 percent decrease last time.

Everything you need to know about football manager 2023 1 gmspors

Football Manager 2023 Wonderkids

Wonderkids are the substance of any great save in Football Manager, and we take care of you for the most recent superstar possibilities uncovered in the current year’s down.

For certain spic and span stars blasting onto the scene this year, you can be sure that a few shiny new names will firearm for the wonderkid crown in Football Manager 2023.

Check underneath for our full rundown of Football Manager 2022 wonderkids, as you can be sure that a significant number of these names will be back for one more spell of strength in FM23.

Football Manager 2023 trailer

The trailer for Football Manager 2023 has not been released yet. The trailer is usually expected two months before the game’s release. Taking notes from last year’s schedule, fans can expect to get a glimpse of the simulation game in September.

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