Eva Celia said yes to her marriage proposal a million times

Eva Celia, to whom Demas Narawangsa proposed, replied “yes a million times”.

The happy news has come from Sophia Latjuba’s daughter, Eva Celia. The singer, who celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday, was proposed by her lover Demas Narawangsa.

Demas Narawangsa made a surprise kneel in front of Eva Celia. Say nice words and then propose to your lover in front of family and relatives.

“I don’t think there’s a better time to ask that in front of everyone closest to you. In front of my mom, my dad, your parents, everybody here. Well, will you marry me?” In the video uploaded by Sophia Latjuba on Monday, 21/9/2021, Demas asked Narawangsa.

Eva celia said yes to her marriage proposal a million times 1 gmspors

Eva accepted the offer while Celia cried. “Yes, yes,” Indra Lesmana’s daughter said and immediately hugged Demas Narawangsa.

Sophia Latjuba also did not want to miss this happy moment. After sharing a video of seconds of the app, the model also shared a photo of the princess showing off the diamond rimmed ring.

Not just one photo, the others are still available from Ariel Noah’s ex-girlfriend. This time, Sophia Latjuba posed for a photo with Eva Celia and her future son-in-law.

“I love you both so much. Thank you for making my baby the happiest girl in the world.”

Eva celia said yes to her marriage proposal a million times 2 gmspors

The star of the movie, Mata Batin 2, posed with Eva Celia in an embrace.

“The eyes are swollen because they are so happy,” said Sophia Latjuba.

Eva Celia’s father Indra Lesmana also did not miss this moment. The jazz musician caught the time his daughter was recommended by Demas Narawangsa.

“She said yes!” Indra Lesmana writes on Instagram.

From that moment on, Eva Celia was in Indra Lesmana’s arms and cried in her father’s arms.

Eva Celia’s parents, as well as Mira Lesmana, were there. Indra Lesmana’s brother uploaded a video with a photo of him with the couple.

“Congratulations dear Eva and Demas. I’m so glad to see you guys. It’s perfect for each other,” said the producer of this movie.

Eva Celia Lesmana, better known as Eva Celia, is an Indonesian actress and singer-songwriter of mixed Dutch, German-Jewish, Bugis, Javanese, Minangkabau, and Madurese descent. She is the daughter of Indonesian jazz musician Indra Lesmana.

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