Ester Expósito says there is nothing between her and Vinicius Junior

The news of the affair between Ester Expósito and Vinicius Junior turned out to be false.

It turned out that Ester Expósito now has a boyfriend and hid it from social media.

Ester Expósito (22) and Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid football player) were together in Miami and at least not as friends. It all started with them exchanging comments on Instagram, not just any of them and of course… You know how it is with starters and plus one, and we already had a new partner. To this we must add that they were in the same place at the time. But the actor has something to tell us about the alleged ‘fake news’.

Ester Expósito denies boyfriend allegations

These days seem to have caused a stir between Esther and Vinicius, considering that they’re experiencing more of it, given that she’s supposedly with Nico Furtado. People on Twitter were freaking out and drawing their own conclusions and digging deep to have minimal evidence to confirm this new relationship.

So everyone focused on this interpretation of Ester Expósito but now that it turned out to be ‘fake’, let’s do it with photoshop. The actor did not make this comment to Vinicius, and also, judging by the tweet, it is not even clear which photo he wrote. But the reality is the comments made by the football player on Esther’s profile. Let’s not forget this.

So Ester Expósito took to her social networks to deny everything, but don’t believe it with a statement we’re used to with celebrities, but the actress limited herself to putting a black background: ‘Fake news’. With that, we’re assuming she wanted to stop all the rumors about her supposed new relationship with Vinicius and make it clear that she’s still with Nico Furtado.

Vinicius and Esther Exposito in love?

A comment that the Brazilian footballer may have left on a photo of the Spanish player on vacation in Miami sparked rumors. Hearts that some believe will hide the secret relationship between the two. This was enough to feed a casual conversation on the Internet. The protagonist of Elite, one of Netflix’s best-known series, intervened directly in the matter.

The 22-year-old wrote “Fake news” in a story and gave no further explanation. It looks like the Real Madrid forward’s comment will be inaccurate and Ester will still be linked to Uruguayan actor Nico Furtado, with whom she has been a stable couple since last winter.

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