Erika Diaz, Tiktok User, whose Apron was Inappropriate for the Hospital

Tiktok video of the Young Nurse, whose curvy body was found to be Inappropriate for the Hospital, in the Apron She was Wearing, became a trend. Erika Diaz is a nurse and was criticized for her post on tiktok.

Erika Diaz, a young 22-year-old nurse, went viral after being told that the way she wore her hospital uniform was “inappropriate”.

Nurse erika diaz trends on tiktok with her video 1 gmspors

In the video, which has taken the internet by storm from the moment it was uploaded, Erika shows off the outfit in question, how it fits her body, and how she advertises it on the company’s own page. Many internet users said it was inappropriate for a nurse to dress like this.

“Some people just have a problem with my body, not my aprons, and it’s obvious,” Erika wrote.

The video of the 22-year-old nurse has been viewed more than 12.6 million times. Erika continued the comments, writing: “Just for clarification, I’m 158 cm tall and 48 kg.”

The young nurse also replied to the trolls: “I actually have 2 jobs, I’m a volunteer and I’m still studying. I dedicate my life to the development of others, and your opinion matters to me.”

At first, some TikTok users agreed with those who said the look was inappropriate or at least inappropriate. “Wasn’t there a size bigger?” There were those who asked, and those who said that Erika was trying to “find a doctor”. But soon there were also comments supporting Erika.

Some viewers pointed out that the fit and size of the garment shouldn’t be an issue if it’s comfortable and can do its job.

Nurse erika diaz trends on tiktok with her video 1 gmspors

Who is TikTok nurse Erika Diaz?

Erika Diaz, 22, is a popular TikTok creator and nurse.

The young nurse uploads content from her TikTok account @_erikamdiaz where she has gained a fan base of 98,000 followers.

Outside of her occupation and social media presence, details of her personal life remain unclear.

The TikToker has now stood out as truly newsworthy after one of her recordings got more than 13.9 million perspectives.

While many individuals rushed to pass judgment on Erika, others have shown their help in the remark part of her video.

For what reason is Erika Diaz moving?

Nurse erika diaz trends on tiktok with her video 2 gmspors

Diaz began standing out as truly newsworthy in July 2022 after one of her recordings became a web sensation.

One TikTok client remarked: “Everybody has an alternate body type and garments can fit distinctively for everybody so it’s not anybody spot to pass judgment on her wearing typical scours.”

Another additional: “Assuming that she’s concealed, it’s proper. She can’t help how she’s assembled. Her shape isn’t improper.”

A third one remarked: “I ain’t recollect the last time I really tended to think about what a NURSE resembles while they’re helping me… . notwithstanding in the event that you’re a patient or a worker.”

What did Erika Diaz say regarding the internet based remarks?

Not long after the video turned into a web sensation, Diaz took to the remarks segment to guard herself from the application’s drop culture.

“Certain individuals simply disapprove of my body not my scours and it shows,” she subtitled the viral video, through the New York Post.

Nurse erika diaz trends on tiktok with her video 3 gmspors

In a subsequent remark, she expressed: “Only for explanation I am 5’2″ and 107 lbs I’m short and little, you all can say my body is phony you all need it’s not.”

She proceeded: “I in a real sense maintain 2 sources of income, volunteer and I am as yet concentrating on I’m giving my life to the improvement of others and anybody’s perspectives are superfluous.”

No Access to Erika Diaz Tiktok Account

Access to Erika Diaz Tiktok Account Suddenly Stopped. It is said that among the reasons for Erika’s Tiktok account to be closed, there may be complaints about the video she took. She also froze her account after the criticism made in herself. Currently, her Tiktok account is not accessible.

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