Erick Pulgar charged with ‘sexual assault’ investigation in Chile

Midfielder Erick Pulgar, who was offered to Corinthians, is being investigated in Chile on charges of “sexual assault”.

A woman has denounced the Fiorentina midfielder, who is currently in Chile for her summer vacation.
Fiorentina midfielder Erick Pulgar is currently in Chile for the summer break. As reported by Chilean portal, yesterday, 28 June 2022, Pulgar received a complaint from a woman for an incident that occurred on the night of Saturday 25 June.

The alleged victim had attended a party at a club in Las Condes and at one point had been invited from a group of ten to have drinks. Later, the woman lost consciousness for the rest of the night and was taken to a piece of land owned by Pulgar, a place where she claimed she had been raped. As proof, he added that he had photographic material in his possession. Responsibilities remain to be determined, but the prosecutor is investigating the facts.

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Statement from Erick Pulgar about the event

Santiago police chief Marcelo Ruiz said in the complaint that he was “sexually assaulted over the weekend in a house in the south of the Chilean capital”.

Prosecutor Jorge Abbott said: “We are investigating the reported facts. We have given protection and attention to the victim and are collecting information to continue our investigation and to see if the facts are actually occurring.” said.

Pulgar, 28, belongs to Fiorentina and is on loan at Galatasaray. In the statement, he stated that he accepted the police to testify at his house “on the grounds that he was the owner of the house where the whistleblower was made”, and said that “the whistleblower is the owner of the house where he was found”.

“In the face of false rumors and biased information, I would like to make it clear that I am not involved in any complaints or crimes,” the actor added.

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