Enock Barwuah, brother of Mario Balotelli, was transferred from the lower leagues of Turkey to the team

Enock Barwuah, brother of Mario Balotelli, transferred to Menemenspor, a Turkish football team.

Enock Barwuah, who could not be a successful football player like his brother and owes his popularity to his brother, transferred to a team in the Turkish football leagues.

Menemenspor, one of the TFF 1st League teams, signed with Enock Barwuah Balotelli, brother of world-famous striker Mario Balotelli, who played for Adana Demirspor in the Turkish Super League this season.

Enock barwuah brother of mario balotelli was transferred from the lower leagues of turkey to the team gmspors

In the statement made by the yellow-dark blue club, “Our club signed a 1-year loan contract with Enock Barwuah. Good luck to our club and our football player.”

A striker like his older brother, 28-year-old Enock most recently played in Serie D team USD Caravaggio in Italy.

Barwuah, who played his last game on February 9, 2020, had been training with Adana Demirspor for a while with Balotelli.

Enock Barwuah Frequently Shares Photos With His Brother

Enock Barwuah, the younger brother of Mario Balotelli Barwuah and a football player like him, often shares together.

Enock Barwuah shares many photos he took with his brother on his social media accounts.

Enock Barwuah, who admires his older brother, seems to have benefited greatly from his popularity.

Mario Balotelli often shares with his brother.

Popular football player Mario Balotelli has always treasured his younger brother and considers him one of his closest friends.

Expressing that his life was going through difficulties, Mario Balotelli said that he always found his brother with him during these periods.

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