Emma Louise is in trouble with her big boobs

Fans were surprised when Emma Louise had trouble with her physical features.

The incident that the sportscaster, who is in trouble with her big breasts, lived every morning left their mouths open.

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England’s famous sportscaster Emma Louise is in trouble with her big breasts. The beautiful announcer stated that her breasts were constantly hitting the horn while getting into her car, especially in the morning, and that her neighbors were disturbed by the sound. Her friends joked that they realized that Louise had gotten into her car when the horn sounded outside in the morning.

Beautiful sportscaster Emma Louise has made a stunning confession. Because of her size, Louise stated that she often honked with her breasts while getting into the car.

Interesting statement about her breasts

Emma Louise said that while getting on and off her car, her breasts were constantly hitting the horn, and other people were uncomfortable because the horn was honking for a long time.

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Emma, ​​who started her hosting career by presenting a morning show and has her own broadcasts, said that her breasts, which were too large, were pressed on the horn when she got out of her car in the morning hours. Louise also stated that the sudden sound of the horn scared her a lot.

Louise’s friend said that every morning when the horn sounded, they learned that the beautiful announcer got out or got in the car. Confessions of the beautiful announcer burst into laughter from the guests participating in the program.

She made the fans laugh with her funny joke, and people shared it on social media.

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