Emina jahovic cosmetic brand is growing rapidly 2 gmspors

Emina Jahovic cosmetic brand is growing rapidly

Emina Jahovic managed to be number 1 in the Balkans with her cosmetic brand. In addition, the famous mannequin creates its own brand and is a candidate to become a more popular cosmatic brand in the world.

Emina jahovic cosmetic brand is growing rapidly 2 gmspors

In addition to her music career, Emina Jahovic, following the footsteps of world-famous stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Selana Gomez and Rihanna, established her own cosmetics brand and became the market leader in every point she entered in the Balkans.

Emina Jahovic, who defies the giants in the cosmetics sector with her own make-up brand, branded the products most needed by women under the name “Yaemina Beauty” after years of work. Emina Jahovic became the best selling cosmetic brand in the Balkans in 6 months.

In a short time talking about its success Jahovic, “Pandemic and makeup items, despite the decline in sales before the Balkans, then we won the rapid market share in Turkey. Especially in the Balkans where we all enter we were the first brand.”

Emina jahovic cosmetic brand is growing rapidly 1 gmspors

Emina Jahovic I will enlarge my brand even more

Emina Jahovic, who gave a good news saying “We have made a very rapid start with the Balkan countries and our speed continues to grow day by day,” continued her words as follows: “We are mainly working on the digital side abroad, but we are planning to enter three new countries within 6 months. This means opening nearly 100 new points. We will continue to take firm steps forward and proudly to make Yaemina Beauty a global brand. ”

Emina Jahović, Serbian singer, dancer, composer and actress of Bosnian origin. She also modeled the catalog for the Turkish “Fabrika” brand and the Macedonian “Kara” brand. The sister of basketball player Mirsad Türkcan is the ex-wife of singer Mustafa Sandal.