Elsa Hosk: Breasts are there for us to feed our kids

Swedish model Elsa Hosk, who took her first babies in February with her job lover Tom Daly, responded to the criticism about the photos she took while breastfeeding her daughter. Hosk called out to social media users who were uncomfortable with this situation, “We have breasts, let’s feed our children”.

The couple Elsa Hosk-Tom Daly, who have been in love since 2015, embraced their daughter named Tuuli in February and experienced the first feeling of being a parent.

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“It is interesting that you are uncomfortable”

Hosk, who often publishes sections of his daily life on his social media account, was the event that he posed while breastfeeding his daughter.

The famous model explained that after sharing the frames she took while feeding her daughter, she received a lot of direct messages, especially from her male followers.

“It is interesting that some of my male followers are uncomfortable with these photos,” wrote the 32-year-old Swedish model who posted poses with her baby in the car while going to work.

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Elsa Hosk then continued her words as follows:

Why is the most natural action uncomfortable for you? Breasts are there for us to feed our children.

Hosk described her birth experience in an article he shared recently. The famous model used expressions, “It was the most painful, fearful and darkest moments of my life. It was like waking up from a horror movie to a sunny dream”, contrary to the explanation of many famous names “The pain has come to a head.”

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Elsa Hosk, who gave birth in water at home, said, “It has been a few days since then. Sometimes I look at her and cry when I think about what we are going through together.”

In his article, Hosk thanked the people who helped him during the birth, and also used the expressions “The story of every woman is very sacred and very important. I love you, my daughter.”

Victoria’s Secret’s Swedish model Elsa Hosk shared the shot with her daughter Tuuli on Valentine’s Day, with the note “Darling”.

Hosk shared his joy with his followers with the words “The happiest day of my life. We will love you forever, baby”.

Answering the questions of her fans, Elsa Hosk used the expressions “The best part of pregnancy is my daughter’s kicks; the worst thing is that her body temperature is constantly high”.

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The famous model said that she ate hamburgers and pasta at the beginning of her pregnancy and is now interested in Thai and Indian cuisine.

“Doesn’t it worry you that your physique will change?” “No, life is too short to think about such things. I will continue my profession after birth,” she replied.


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