Elon Musk’s place in the list of richest people?

Elon Musk’s place in the list of richest people? Elon Musk is now a more popular name with his rise to second place in the list of the richest. Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and Space X Projects, has been announced on the list of richest people.

Tesla’s boss Elon Musk reached a fortune of $ 127.9 billion and became the second richest person in the world, surpassing Microsoft’s boss Bill Gates. Musk’s fortune has increased by $ 100.3 billion since the beginning of the year.

Elon Musk, boss of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, rose to second place in Bloomberg’s “world’s richest” list. Musk was ranked 35 at the beginning of the year.

Increasing his fortune by $ 100.3 billion since the beginning of the year, Musk reached $ 127.9 billion and surpassed Microsoft’s boss Bill Gates, who had $ 127.7 billion.

49-year-old Musk is left with Amazon’s boss Jeff Bezos with only $ 182 billion in fortune.

TESLA SHARES Elon Musk’s strongest arm

The dizzying rise in Tesla stocks, which will be traded on the S&P 500 stock exchange, which includes the largest 500 companies in the USA, as of December 21, increased Musk’s fortune at rocket speed. Yesterday alone, Musk’s fortune increased by $ 7.2 billion with the increase in share value.

While Musk has been the person who has increased his fortune the most since the beginning of the year, Amazon’s boss Jeff Bezos followed him with a wealth increase of $ 67 billion.

Tesla’s share value has approached $ 500 billion.

Bill Gates, who was in the first place on the list of the richest for many years, passed to Bezos in 2017 and fell to the second place.

Reminding that Gates has donated more than $ 27 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since its establishment in 2006, Bloomberg pointed out that otherwise, Gates’ current wealth would be more.

Space X launches Falcon 9 – will land back in the Atlantic

The US-based company Space X has successfully launched its rocket carrying cargo to the International Space Station. Falcon 9 is expected to land in the Atlantic Ocean.

The rocket owned by Space X firm, owned by the US entrepreneur Elon Musk, was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for its 21st commercial flight.

The Dragon capsule located at the tip of the rocket carries technical equipment, food and fuel to the International Space Station (ISS).

The Falcon 9 rocket, which is used for the third time, is aimed to land on a remotely managed transport platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX conducts flight test of Starship SN8 rocket that will go to Mars

The test flight of the rocket Starship SN8, developed by the American rocket and space shuttle manufacturer SpaceX for its journey to Mars, will take place tonight.

The company founded by Elon Musk had previously announced that the launch would take place at 19:00. However, in a later statement, it was stated that the engineers wanted a little more time to complete the preparations.

Although the live broadcast starts for the test at the moment, it is not known exactly when it will start.

Musk announced that his rocket starship SN8 is aimed to reach a height of 12.5 km.

In its statement about the test, the company underlined that the chance of reaching the target was 30 percent, and used the expressions “What is important in such tests is not the success, we will learn from the test”.

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